Visual Poetry- photography

I miss the old manual cameras and dislike the digital keypad but appreciate many of its functions and digital images that are not reliant on the chemical process. To be able to capture images is pretty satisfying along with sharing them.

About 4 years ago when I hit 50 (or 50 hit me) I invested in a canon powershot SX50? compact camera. Some years later I bought a second hand DSLR canon EOS 600D and somewhere in between a go pro.

It is nature/creation that I enjoy the most, being able to walk around, take it in and investigate. Farmland and transport I enjoy also and least of all people because of privacy laws and unsettling people although there are times when it is appropriate.

Earthcare/landcare zone Tenambit NSW.


Road Trip to Quirindi


Pitnacree NSW 2323

A trip to New Zealand (family wedding)


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