Friday, 18 May 2018

Angelic Wars

If society accepts terminology/ad hominem name calling like homophobia, islamophobia etc. then logic would follow that society is also influenced by religious freedom phobia, Christ-o- phobic, God-o-phobic dogma.

The LGBTQ etc. etc. crusade that is supposed to offer freedom and love has its conversion therapies and indoctrination programs. This new religion is reaching out to school children with the assistance of government policy. It is also putting innocents to the political sword because of religious convictions.

History repeats, repeats, repeats, the cultural warfare is on the surface, the spiritual warfare behind. Anyone can claim love is love but without truth you have nothing. “To walk out of His will is to walk into nowhere.” Wrote C.S Lewis but that is putting it mildly. To walk away from God is to draw near to satanic influence and verses that may indeed seem to have an element of cultural freedom about it at first.

When Jesus said He was God and the way He wasn't kidding, it was a life and death thing that also spoke of eternal consequences. There is only one God and one way out of this war to perfect peace that has a lot more to it than just "culture".John 14:6.


Thursday, 17 May 2018

The unseen & knowable God

What a consuming fire a volcano is, a liquid lava leviathan with power to positively destroy, untameable, worthy of respect and a much smaller picture of the character and power of God who made and controls all things.

And yet in the promised Christ we can draw near to the one and only true God and know His tender warm heart, loving affection and protective divine acts. So we should come to God with reverence and awe as we worship Him and not the nature that He has made.Heb 12:28.

Psalm 18:1-50


Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The Big Bucket

Have you ever lost something, wandered around a bit and then retraced your steps in order to find what you were looking for? That is what the Holy Bible is all about. What was lost can be found.What is broken can be fixed.

There is a reason there is a hole in the bucket and there is a reason people keep trying to fix it but only Jesus has what it takes to go all the way, everything else pales into insignificance. Rev 21:5-6.

Many people operate from an assumed belief that nature is all there is and that the answer to everything lies hidden in nature somewhere. But the Bible has a much bigger and richer explanation. It reasons that Jesus was there before the world began and Jesus will be there when the world ends.Not only that but that Jesus came into our very lives and existence motivated by love to conquer evil, sadness and death (something technology cannot do).

Nature is not all there is with all its powerful and wonderful laws and delicate balance. There is also the supernatural that put everything in place to start off with.Col 1:15-23.God chose something incredibly amazing to undo our complicated mess and explanations. Nothing is too hard for God, the sad part is that many ignore the wonderful things that God has done but even there he helps us. God is so good.


Sunday, 13 May 2018

He who prepares tables

The royal wedding is pretty big news of late, lots of data in the press about who is going & who isn’t etc. Usually with a big wedding a special feast follows with customary invitations also. Yesterday in a small community hall on a back street in a lesser suburb we heard a sermon on the great banquet. Luke 14:15-24. 

Customs were different then, sort of. It seems they were more like a rave party with a late warning call after an initial invite which shouldn’t have been a problem in the not so extreme business that we live with today. But the insincere excuses came then also, to busy, to wrapped up in my own circumstances etc. The justification to ignore the great feast came at great cost but also opened up the door to the seemingly not so important people.

God’s kingdom is like that as the parable (layered meaning) reveals. This is no token gesture or plan B from God. God is generous and hospitable and does not measure us according to our perceived wealth or privilege. Time and again God shows us what really matters most of all.

Silver & gold and the finer things in life cannot compare with the richness of God’s ways, neither can having the best and closest relationship with another if it be not God for all the friends or family you may or may not have, for all things come from His hand. Things in and of themselves that are not that bad can become our slaves and oppressors which lead us away from God, temporarily or eternally depending on the text.

That same invitation is in circulation today inviting people to the kingdom of God demonstrated in Christ Jesus with an encouragement to come and be filled. Isaiah 55:1-13.


Friday, 11 May 2018

Uncommercialised motherhood

Mother’s Day as a 365 day calendar event has rolled around again. It’s good to celebrate mothers who are very much a work in progress and who may even transition into grandmothers and great grandmothers.

Unofficial and un-accredited nurses, doctors, teachers, soldiers, carers, taxi drivers, caterers, finance advisers and cleaners rolled into a one stop being that aint no shop. 

The Bible honours motherhood as something praiseworthy and not to be taken lightly or for granted as if they were a God given right or freedom to be abused. Mothers are to be given deep respect and in them we get to see a picture of God who created men and women in His image.

No earthly father loves like Thee,
No mother, e’er so mild,
Bears and forbears as Thou hast done,
With me, Thy sinful child.

F W Faber 1849.


When atheism and the anti-Christ align.

In the modern atheistic world death of the physical body is the assumed end. And in this ensuing trend we find things like Euthanasia and abortion promoted heavily for the modern populous to gently absorb like a toxic deadly chemical to kill off Christianity & the idea of accountability to a Creator as an influence in society.

In influential persuasive operant conditioning universities, local councils, national government and national news outlets and radio channels, the big push dressed up in modern garb has antiquated history. There is a natural inclination to deny God and go our own way and make our own rules.

Whether we like to pass ourselves off as religious or non- religious we all operate from belief. The false idea and clever lie that secular is neutral creates a kingdom that is Anti God & Anti-Christ. What is true of us is just as true for a society that chooses such a path and is creating another religion that is just as old as it is new. Welcome to Anti-Godocracy.


Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Tender God

On this day the seagulls were basking restfully in the sunshine as the tide came in with tiny lapping rippling waves glistening on the surface of the water that was reflecting the brilliant light and glow of the sun.

You may not think so but worshiping God can be a similar thing as His words ripple in from a distant shore to the eager heart and mind. Washing over with words of love and wisdom with a tender motion and a brilliant light, the gentle messenger speaks and illuminates the being of His children. In as much as there are storms and strong rips and tides, there is joy and sublime activity in the seemingly still and quiet part of the worship service.


Corporate slavery

I’m not that much into Rugby (soccer/football is my main thing) but its funny/peculiar when you hear about the Israel Folau ‘controversy’. Some people think he should remain silent on his beliefs and stick just to the ball game. But nobody is telling Qantas to just stick to keeping planes in the air. It is allowed to use its business platform to promote an atheistic belief. Qantas can preach but Israel Folau cant. Money and sport can talk all they want, but Christians cant. What an odd and materialistic religion this modern world abides by and seeks to dominate others with as it speaks about controlling oneself as it cracks its whip of words.


Monday, 7 May 2018

Other "F" Words

It was claimed from the pulpit the other day that Gideon was a man driven by fear as he threshed some grain in a wine press out of sight, to me it was not fear but a wise thing to do if you want to keep your grain in an invaded land often raided and attacked…just saying.

Gideon’s concern is that if God was with them how come all those terrible things were happening in his treasured homeland. The God who had delivered his ancestors out of Egypt didn’t seem to be interested or care about them at all. But we know it was the other way around, God’s people were not so interested in the things of God, earthly and devilish stuff seemed far more rewarding.

And so God provides the young man of faith with some divine assurance and instructs him to tear down his father’s enticing false gods. Gideon obeys and does it by night because he is fearful of his family and his townspeople. Family and friends can be a stumbling block to faith as they lead in an alternate direction away from the living God. Gideon is a man of fear and faith not fear and flight in the time of the Judges. Israel’s unamusing roller-coaster walk with God as a nation but just as pertinent for today. 
Jdg 6:1-32. Heb 11:32.


Saturday, 5 May 2018

This is my story, this is my song.

It is not just the crippled and physically disabled that need healing or assistance, neither is it just the mentally ill and it’s not just the homeless that need comfort and solace. For we all are, one way or another in great need when it comes to the chasm that alienates us from God and one another and even our very selves.

And the Saints continue to need God just as the sinner does. Sanctification and salvation are both fully dependant upon God regardless of our assumed power, strength and wisdom.

In the Godhead everything comes together back to where it all beautifully began. Father, Son & Holy Spirit in perfect unity and harmony.