Sunday, 19 August 2018

To God or not to God

Intelligent design focuses on the irreducible complexity of a Cinderella/Goldilocks type planet and all the supreme function & diversity it holds in contrast to an alleged atheistic big bang, or alleged abiogenesis on earth or mars or wherever they choose to look next.

The truly chaotic idea that is evolution with its bait and switch deception seeks to hijack natural selection (which young earth science also teaches) in another type of sleight of mind that can happen in the blink of an eye in a debate or opinion piece.

In the Biblical model we also see mistakes, errors, decay and decrepit breakdowns across God’s world and universe because of the fall and sin. Multi-levelled death entered the world because of the behaviour of mankind, mankind did not evolve through a cycle of death or a puddle or whatever. Mankind inherited a consequence from a law maker and law giver.

The claim that we evolved is more akin to devolution and the loss of genetic material of a high order, not a gain. Genetically speaking we are becoming more and more bankrupt, not richer. In fact we bankrupted ourselves from our richest source of life and joy when we turned our back on God. 

And even though He rightly and justly punished us He also displayed mercy and redeeming love with a promise to renew and redeem. That is the total opposite of blind pitiless indifference,blind chance & red tooth and claw with a eugenic gospel based on fear and survival. Without God in our world we edge closer to a living hell yet to reach its final fulfilment and alienation.


Saturday, 18 August 2018

What are you building on, what are you resting in?

In the incredible wisdom of God and creation we see a big picture of rest, in days and nights and weeks, in seasons and years. Even for animals and fields. It is the God of the Bible that speaks into the futility of unjust business that also calls us away from empty or temporary pleasure, riches, fame and laziness and gives us a taste of joy that earth cannot afford or manufacture.

Out of slavery and bondage and into a freedom where milk and honey can be enjoyed but not worshipped. Isa 55:1-13.In God alone is there true rest and eternal joys beyond compare. Praise the LORD. Psalm 103:1-22. In this sin ravaged world not that different at all from ancient Babylon, Egypt or Paganistic states, peace and rest is afforded to us in the Christ child, come man, Savior & no ordinary King.

A day that God has made, a place that He has provided, that we may worship Him if able, and not the fading riches and temporary powers  that are blown away or dissolve like sandcastles by the open waterline.Mt 7:24-29.


Friday, 17 August 2018

Blood and water

Belief in unbelief says there is no God and neither is He sovereign. Dry bones remain dry bones as they fade back to dust. But God says it is the dust from where you came as I breathed life with all its power and information into your ancestor as into you. I did it once & I shall do it again in and through the redeeming love of my son and His blood. 

There is a key to life and a key to death & the risen Christ holds them in the grasp of His hand just as God holds the whole world and all eternity in His. Blood is thicker than water but water washes away sin. Science may meddle with DNA/RNA but it did not create it or curse it, science like many other sources of knowledge is always secondary and never primary.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Seasonal adjustment

The cold but equally wise winter fades as its semi dormant period can no longer contain the song and pattern that is spring. Each season bursts onto the scene with power and characteristic function in the world that was made by & belongs to God. Order, order, everywhere.


Tuesday, 14 August 2018

What do we idolise

The Dawkins Delusion: A follower of Dawkins on the net sought to paint a picture of Dawkins as less religious and less dogmatic as all the “other religions”. In terms of unbelief in God, Dawkins is a 6 and not a 7 from 1on a number line. That’s wormy or weasely though, and the way Dawkins attacks Theists and defends Darwinian ideas sends big signals on the Richter scale of hostility with words and actions. The A priori position that ignores God and His design sets itself up in direct opposition to God.

Dawkins mind may not be made up in his mind of mindless unguided process or may be made up in its mindless unguided process. Either way his life and being are commited to an anti-Christ and anti God mentality and spirituality. He is in many respects what Saul was before he came Paul after his encounter on the road to Damascus in pursuit of Christians. He is what many once were before the transformational power of the gospel and blood and spirit of Jesus.



Sunday, 12 August 2018

The Meg is like a MiG

So the Meg is on the big screen & the marketing program is starting to make waves for the cinematically unaware like me. Apparently the Meg is doing sharks no favours but that’s Hollywood for you. And is a cinema really a cinema if it doesn’t have a scary story or two or three (as if life isn't scary enough).

Sharks are still not my friends in the modern narrative of the poor misunderstood creature’s scenario or syndrome. I was up close with some sharks last Saturday but was as safe as a clownfish in an anemone. I had caught a train early to Sydney to visit an aquarium on the way to the airport where our daughter was booked on a flight over seas later in the day. My main aim was video but I took a few stills as well.Got the usual evolutionary dogma audio in the program but it was so nice to witness God's wisdom and ability to wow in the created orders.

There are all kinds of fish that can kill and poison you and various types of safety measures you need to implement to stay safe. It’s the same with plants and people and transport, electrical goods and so on. In the sublime beauty and function there is a deadly curse, in the intelligent designs of men and women dangers lurk.


Thursday, 9 August 2018

New Religions

The doom and gloom of climate change/global warming has its redemptive narrative of salvation in renewable energy sources. It is out with the old covenant and in with the new. There is the altar call of repentance and send in your money now. Sci-ocracy.

Is this scientific conversion therapy? I find it funny (not ha ha) or semi humorous in an ironic sense anyway, how spiritual elements are mocked when anti-spiritual teachings are highly elevated in the current “other” climate.

But that is how things roll and it’s not that we shouldn’t care deeply for the creation and our bodies and our neighbor’s wellbeing. In the bitterness and difficulty of severe climate challenges and difficult politicised data we have wonderful examples of what to do in the life of Joseph, Naomi & Ruth. In God they trusted in the thick and thin of it all. Science is known to be arbitrary, God is not. He is dependable and faithful in the fiercest of environments. Even to hell and back.


Wednesday, 8 August 2018

an axis of rebellion

Evil comes in many shapes, sizes and scales and without truth you will not and cannot know your left from your right or your wrong in the secular and religious world.

The pre-conceived ideas of the ancients, modernity and post modernity are very much virgin births of impossibility but they just don't see it, it is such a powerful delusion and camouflage.

And when God does such a thing on the world stage the message is mocked and ridiculed. Such is our arrogance, such is our ignorance and lack of humility and willingness to walk in obedience.

We like to think we are the rule makers, we are the kings and queens, lords and monarchs of our existence, and to a small point we are, a very small point and our small mistakes can have dire consequences. In the bigger picture we are renegades and rebels that choose the side of darkness, chaos and manipulated truths that have elected to go against the good instruction for our benefit.

Rom 3:9-20.

It is easy to get drawn into the Jew vs Christian vs Arab vs Secular and so on. Just like fighting and murderous brothers or sisters from the one family even. But when it comes to God there is a great equaliser in the presence of His holiness and purity that puts all of humanity in the same basket, and only in Christ shall true peace and salvation come & the devils work undone & in this we are totally undeserving if it were not for the purposeful kindess and mercy of God.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

The white woomera bird

Update on this post: The bird which I initially name as a heron is more than likely an eastern great egret (they are similar) and therefore may not have the same neck structure and therefore may not be woomera like.

I have been keeping an eye on this heron or egret? for a month or so now. As I drive to work it is usually hanging out in a deeply cut irrigation canal. The first time I noticed, it was on the other side of the road which would have been a much nicer composition that ticked all of my boxes. That is when I should have pulled over and taken the shot, but I didn’t (probably late for work). Ever since, the heron has only been on the other side of the road (why it crossed it I don’t know)

So in beggar like, or barter like mindset I took what I could get yesterday when I saw the birds as I crossed a bridge on the way to work. I put on the zoom thinking I wouldn’t get close. But it was hard to get a good shot so I moved along the canal out of sight and the strong wind helped noise wise. As I got close a spoonbill spooked which also alarmed the heron/egret and up & off they went skywards which is often the case with birds.  

This morning a new CMI article appeared regarding the heron, bio-mimicry & human hunting tools and techniques and so I decided to finalise some images, seeking to get the best out of them & piece together a blog post.

Woomera is also a place in South Australia known for launching rockets,
it was also the name of my sporting(tribal?) team at New Lambton Primary School. 

enhanced with artistic effects
(good for sort of good photos)


Monday, 6 August 2018

The Big Questions remain.

Did you know that in the ancient Greco-Roman world they permitted, in the public space the idea of, and homage to, AN UNKNOWN GOD. Acts 17:23. The Apostle Paul, thrust out of Judaism and drawn into Christ, is now thrust into the gentile world where he preaches an astounding love, knowledge and faith based message from the one true God.

In many respects the UNKNOWN GOD deserves the same standing in the world of modern historical science because the truth or fact of the matter is, despite claims of dark matter, big bang 1 & 2, abiogenesis, evolution etc.they simply do not no know, but neither do they dare entertain the idea that an historical text that proclaims authority over scientific assumption could actually be correct.Of that they are ironically sure of. 

So even when scientific evidence and argument is produced in a valid and challenging way that contradicts current favoured models it is under mined to the detriment of society and education.This type of mindful mindlessness is pretty common in academic behaviours.