Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Moving forwards you say?

There is a place where wise things become foolish. Philosophers, sages and so on who’s quest is to get wisdom usually sacrifice many things in that pursuit to obtain a higher than average insight and argument as they seek to unpack the why’s and why not’s of this world.

It is not that knowledge is wrong and it’s not that wisdom is wrong any more than searching for silver or gold or gemstones is wrong. But look in the wrong place and you will come up empty, blank, broke or bankrupt.

Here the apostle Paul (Jewish to the maximum) puts Jews and Greeks on the same footing. Signs and the getting of Wisdom will have you going round and round in circles like a dog that chases its tail. What was thought to be wise is utter foolishness, much like aspirational monkeys to men.

God confounds the so called wise and educated as the maker and master of all things comes clothed in human flesh to die on a Roman cross like a miserable criminal, beneath the radar, beneath the spellcheck. Yes there is a place where wise things become foolish says the Apostle. 1 Cor 1: 18-31. God’s identity within human politics and education is becoming public enemy numero-uno once again as humanity combined with worldliness aspires to greatness beyond reality once more.


Friday, 7 December 2018


The Christmas story has become a blend of biblical stories crossing time and space over a couple of years. The Magi did not visit Jesus @ His birth but after His birth. But often enough you see them there with the shepherds at the manger. It’s not that the story has evolved, it is that people have mixed up the story and obliterated the time sequence, a meld, a blend and a blurring of the lines.

But the Holy Bible like a video replay frame by frame allows us to get into the detail and it is not so much about  where the wise men came from apart from a general direction but what they brought and who they spoke to as they followed a guiding star of super significance. Jesus is no ordinary child and people have a phobia in regards to His divine kingdom & rule (Herod in particular but many political authorities and figures fear the freedom and reign that comes through Christ).

 There are many paths that we cannot trace when it comes to God but in the Christ child He has left us a trail of something much much more than crumbs. He provides meal after meal, manna after manna of the richest soul and mind food as he redeems the nations from the grip of sin and death.
Matt 2:1-12.Rom 11:33-36.



Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Dimensions and dominions

There are lots of people who look to the skies, stars and planets for answers. But its not as if God hasnt already given an explanation and demonstration of His power within nature and beyond it.

Jesus says people love darkness over light (spiritually speaking). Jn 3:19. And they will come up with all kinds of excuses and reasons why we should not take heed of God's revelation across the dimensions and ages.

Like Herod we all have our own agendas, even if not as severe or cruel. Matt 2:1-12. This can even extend to government powers. In the enmity and choas God brings His peace & rule amongst the hearts of mankind. To those who come to recognise His greatness and His grace. His Name is wonderful.



Sunday, 2 December 2018


Elephants fly in the modern sky-scape. Big weighted big grey elephants fly through the sky with numerous sightings across the year. Impossible you say? Not when it comes to evolutionary claims fashioned by jumbo hyperbole and the mechanisms of inaccurate impressionism. More like art and less like science is the mythological claim that apes are ancestral relatives of human beings.


Friday, 30 November 2018

Not so much a guess, more a calculation

Mic 5:2 “But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are small among the clans of Judah, out of you will come for me one who will be ruler over Israel, whose origins are from of old, from ancient times.”

I can relate to Micah, particularly when he challenges exploitation in the land by the idle rich. Greed is not good and often has a trail of oppression and destruction. You see it in Capitalism, Socialism & Communism. But be that as it may there are a lot more sins than greed that also seem to go unchallenged today.

Some types of poverty have a lot going for it (according to Scripture) and riches are not all they are cracked up to be. The same cannot be said of sexual sin and selfish desire. In this the good news is that God is greater than both or all types and kinds of sin and His solution and redemption goes beyond a political sphere into a spiritual and natural kingdom made holy in preparation of the new heaven and earth.

Now back to Micah and the prophecy regarding Bethlehem and a ruler from Ancient times. This could refer to Moses & Joshua or also King David. In the either or of interpreting Scripture (at times) some things are inescapable.

“In the present context, therefore, it views the Messiah’s ancestry as reaching back to the early founders of Israel/Jacob, the promises and predictions of Him as dating from the earliest times, and Himself as pre-existing the actual date of His appearing.” New Bible Commentary. 3rd edition IVP.

Into our world, out of Bethlehem, out of Nazareth, and out of Egypt, tracking Jesus the Messiah. I dont know of a better match, do you?

The candle and the wind that brings holy fire

Every book, diverse yet in complete unity across time and space, 66 in all, in God’s Word one way or another is connected to the Saviour of the World, The risen King Jesus Christ-God become man, Light of the world.John 8:12-20.

Greater than Abraham, greater than the prophets.John 8:48-59.


Thursday, 29 November 2018


Isa 29:13 The Lord says: “These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is based on merely human rules they have been taught."

God makes it very plain that true religion can decline or deform into nothing more than a man-made tradition that has nothing at all to do with God. This is true of ancient Israel and it is equally true for modern Christianity that has become adulterated by human influence. And the world with its secular faith would even lay claim to an interpretation of God, His world and His preserved Word. In this version the universe or mankind is usually the supreme power. Such is our obstinate nature to have things our way says God.

This is the world that Christ/God came into and for, be it Abrahamic or Gentile based. He came to open the eyes and ears of blind. He came to do what we or nature cannot do. Isa 35:1-10. We get a beautiful glimpse in the Old Testament and a further confirmation in the NT. The length, breadth and depths that God would go to that we might be lifted out of the mud and mire that may as well be Mars or Jupiter with all its alienation.

At the moment many are amazed of a space contraption: Insight? (probably soon to be outdated again) that made it to Mars. Not so many are amazed that God came down taking on human form and frame with the words of eternal life. Again we assume that we are the redeemers in no such need of redemption when it comes to a holy God. But on the contrary, when I look around far and near the evidence is and continues to be astounding. Abrahamic or Gentile based.

God is with us.


Wednesday, 28 November 2018

More than a feel good Christmas

In the promises of God, in the prophets (both major and minor), in the fulfillment of all things. Indicator after indicator, sign after sign a highway is made, a kingdom comes and a people are let go from the oppressive rule and bond of sin. This is not pedal to the metal but a powerful long haul through the ages of expiring time.

The baby Jesus will become, is become the T intersection of life and death in its various dimensions. The road less travelled is the narrow road that leads to all things good for body and soul both now and forever more. Col 1:15-23. Keep your eyes on the road of salvation.


Thursday, 22 November 2018

Secular sheep and the temporary overlord

If there is no God (hypothetically) and evolution (molecules to man & life from non- life) is the underlying scheme, scam or jam then life has no true meaning and that goes for gender, non gender, family,individuality, work etc. Everything is random and has a set purpose of nothingness. Even those aspirational feelings, intellectual accomplishments, political victories  and sporting achievements, dreams, freedom and justice are just social constructs built upon a meaning that has no meaning that amounts to something? that is less than a mist.

While many believe science is neutral it is a pre conceived contraption that automatically disregards God without evidence and is itself totally reliant on miracles. In reality it is committing to a man-made faith that nature is all there is. And from this faith its devilish religion flows and continues to bear influence on the sons and daughters of earth. Eph 2:1-10.

Once again we require something greater than a mere mortal full of immortal imaginations to undo our incoherent & inconsistant faith in nature,“God did not say” and mankind is king or god over all. Dan 4:28-37. For all the modernisms and style that we see with our eyes, our hearts and minds still follow ancient paths. And in this gated secular society God continues to shine His light into the darkness of nothingness and meaningless. John 1:1-18. Thank God you came, thank God for Christmas lest we be lost in the oppressive madness and incoherant gospel of the secular age.