The Holy Bible

The Bible is God's Word, a revelation of who God is and how He may be known. In the words of Scripture we learn about how we came to be as we look back to the generations who walked before us.

While many advocate the primitiveness of the past we are in effect unchanging give or take some variation as we discover and learn and unlearn things along the way.

In all of this God points out our lostness of connectivity to Him & that great need of Salvation so that we may be restored to a oneness and fullness once again. The central figure in all of this is Jesus Christ. God in the flesh, so that we may believe in the one whom was sent. John 6:25-59.

In this modern world the main idea is that people have outgrown religion as it was based on some type of superstition and fear. The big claim is that nature is all there is and we came to be by accident or an unknown cause. But look a bit closer and it is no where near as simple and factual as that.In fact there are very strong arguments that challenge the modern way of thinking and assuming.Not that many want to tell it how it really is.

Regarding Science:

Regarding how the New Testament came to be:


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