Heidelberg Catechism Q & A

I grew up in a Reformed church. From birth to about the age of 13 church meant an AM and PM church service on a Sunday. Not to mention dinners here and dinners there at various people’s homes. Vacation Bible School and Bible camps and stuff like that. At the time all I knew was that we were learning about God, faith, worship and the Bible. After that our family and especially my dad stopped going to church after being an elder and preacher for so many years due to a falling out.

It wasn’t until I was about 22 when I was drawn to church and God and faith in Christ when I began to understand the structure and the teachings in a more complex, detailed and appreciative light. The catechism is a summary of most of Scripture and is a teaching aid for getting into the treasure and wisdom that is Scripture that points us to Jesus Christ.

The Catechism is designed first and foremost for the congregation so that most of the concepts and teachings of Scripture can be covered over a year, so it is formatted into 52 LORD’S DAYS (Sundays).These days it seems that the catechism has been put aside and sermons usually focus on a particular book of the Bible as a starting point.

M. C. Escher

It is not the Bible but reflects much of its wisdom in summary form. At times it is so beautifully worded and grasps Scripture so well.

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