About me

My name is Dean & I was born & bred in Newcastle. Australia.

I grew up pretty much working class, Year 11 at a Private school became pretty depressing & alienating for me, it all seemed a bit foreign. All my friends had left school in year 10 & were working. I asked my parents if I could leave school, they didn’t want me too but agreed if I could get employment. Starting as a junior clerk on the railway I then completed a metal trade, compliments of my parent’s insistence & then a Bachelor of Arts degree through the encouragement of some friends & an acceptance as a mature age student. A stint at BHP Steel works as a shunter on shift work, then a fettler on day work. After that it was life as a postie filling in the holiday roster which meant I got to move from suburb to suburb on a regular basis. Now I do courier work, shopping & grocery deliveries mostly.

In the midst of all that in my early twenties I became a Christian. It all happened suddenly while questioning what was & wasn’t filling my life apart from time. I can’t really explain the transformation but quite suddenly it all became very real & not just another choice or code to live by.  As I picked up the Bible & began to consider its message, something more than my intellect moved me. Living as a Christian has meant some difficult changes & challenges but knowing Christ, His love & character has taken hold of my life and brings me joy & strength both now & eternally.

Amongst those days, nights & years I was married to my wife who already had one child. We have since had three children together & have been experiencing family life together, learning about God, His creation & life.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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