Sunday, 29 April 2018


Currently the human mind and brain is being ‘mapped’ and interpreted via an evolutionary template bound to a naturalistic worldview/belief/religion that denies the God who made all things and gave us our intelligence, sexuality and world in the first place.

What also is observable is the denial of the human heart or will that clearly objects to God having a say in how we should live. Going their own way things get terribly mixed up in terms of morals and the essence and purpose of humans, animals, sex, plants and other planets.

It is like living in Old Testament times with surrounding Nations and tribes but the big difference is that Jesus has come and gone and the promised Holy Spirit of Pentecost now abides with us as things edge closer to the end for this world as Scripture foretold and foretells.

Nations now know who Jesus is and how He transforms hearts and minds to be shaped by holiness as Gods word is shared globally. We can track God in this world as we observe the wonderful wisdom in His creation and the great love and mercy He has shown us in Old Testament & NT times in Jesus and the out-pouring of the Spirit.

Col 1:15-23.


White-bellied Sea-eagle


The first recorded mask

The devastation of the curse that envelops the world as we know it today came via a satanic deception and an act of reckless disobedience when the forewarned human couple disregarded a very simple clear instruction for our good from God.

This picture in the garden does not tell us why the powerful Satan rebelled against God but it certainly reveals to us how it was done in the ancient text. Satan enters into a snake like a mask to enter into dialogue with Eve convincing her to disregard the truth of God and eat the forbidden fruit.

And things have never been the same since when it comes to the natural world. The resulting sin and death has infected and disfigured the beautiful creation which now exists like a heavily scarred war zone with inner and outer devastation and decay.

 But God does not leave us without hope and promise and this becomes clearer and fuller over time. Though the glass is utterly empty in real terms it shall be filled and flow over with healing, grace and mercy through faith. What Satan did and continues to do for a time will be undone with unfathomable wisdom, humility, truth and power.

While human endeavour, intelligence and discovery takes steps forwards and backwards in grappling with the curse and our sin, God’s Reformation by the Spirit is the only way that can deliver us from evil and death.


Saturday, 28 April 2018

Big Birds of flight

Where I live on the east coast of Australia we have the White-bellied Sea- eagle (white and dark grey) and the Wedge-tailed eagle (rusty and dark brown, blondish at times). Amongst the birds the eagle is a picture of effortless strength as it soars high above gliding the skies. They can also be swift and silent when swooping downwards as they approach their prey. 

The Bible writers record similar observation as they encourage us to consider the character of God and our lot in this life with the God inspired text.

Job 9:26.2 Sam 1:23.Isa 40:31.Jer 4:13.Lam 4:19.


Friday, 27 April 2018

Circles of life and circles of death

Have you ever heard the phrase “too much information”? When there is too much info it is easy to miss the main points or maybe get too personal or private about stuff. When we overload things they don’t work as they should and they can lose their designed function or purpose.

When God tells us He made the heavens and the earth He is keeping it simple and keeping us on track for our benefit (That is not to say that people won’t twist its meaning). He lets it be known that what He made was no accident and that it was very good (without the effects of sin and death that we easily see today). Genesis 1:1.

And those key things help us unlock our understanding and knowledge of our personal origins and that of our Maker. Our beginning comes from the power and wisdom of an almighty God who is beyond nature but evidenced in it.

God is not nature with all its powerful laws and order with amazing wisdom and beauty. God is far more powerful and impressive than all those things. As wonderful as they are and can be, don’t get those things mixed up otherwise you will end up stuck as you go round and round in circles like the earth that God made in our beginning.Yes we were made to fit when it comes to earth and we were also made to live with God in an intimate, close and happy/blessed relationship when the world began.


Wednesday, 25 April 2018

War no more

Psalm 46:1-11.

It is God alone who makes wars to cease. And that reality becomes all the more significant in the eternal kingdom of God when sin shall be no more.

A perfect and unfathomable peace and in this kingdom the church begins to walk even now with Christ their God. An alliance out of this world and into the next. A mighty deliverer is our God.


Monday, 23 April 2018

God is often inconceivable (humanly speaking)

The secular complaint aimed at God is usually accusatory. And if we are honest, believers at time struggle with our good and gracious God.How or why would God allow such a terrible thing to happen! As if the complainant is judge and jury.

But in the life of Joseph son of Jacob and Rachel, we do indeed see that God works in mysterious ways that have a good purpose behind them. And that goes for the terror of war and the red tooth and claw of nature after the fall.Gen 45:1-28.

We forget that it is humanity that rejected the wisdom of God by taking the forbidden fruit which brought about death and suffering. Why did humanity forsake the wisdom and nurture of God and bring about such a tragic outcome?

But even then God provides clothing and guidance as humanity must face up to the consequences of sin. And God shows amazing mercy and Grace in redeeming a people and creation with the promise of the Christ who will make all things new.


sermon excerpt
 i.        It is simply astounding, really, that we - creatures - may boldly demand of God – the Creator - that He order events in the way that we think might be most beneficial to us.  When in truth, the fact is that God may sometimes do the exact opposite of what we hope for.  He may choose to overwhelm us with an army of Babylonians; godless Babylonians at that! 

ii.      The pages of Scripture are full of the record of God using the most unlikely instruments to bring His purposes to pass.  Always overseeing the events of history in such away that the world and His people would be in just the right state for the arrival and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Always ordering the events in Israel and in the rest of the world for the purposes of ushering in, establishing, and furthering the glorious kingdom of Jesus Christ. 

iii.   Even when Jesus came to earth, who would have suspected that God would choose that manner of His appearing, or that manner of His ministry, or that manner of His ultimate victory over sin and death.  "

A Puzzled Prophet's Problem

Rev Andre Holtslag — 10 October 2010

Text: Habakkuk 1: 1-6a


Sunday, 22 April 2018

a time for war and a time for peace. Ecc 3

A far cry from being a bunch of kids with sticks and rifles made from wood making machine gun noises and running and rolling around in the bush in a world of equivocation after school until it was tea and bath time.

The vulnerability of war, the bravery of war, to offer your life for the sake of your country and its people is an honourable thing to do. As much as we hear of the individual heroics, for the most part war is a team effort and requires putting your trust in or being accountable to and for others in severe life and death situations and that is not an easy thing to do.


Saturday, 21 April 2018

ANZAC day approaches

Apparently the Red Baron didn’t like to get too low an altitude when he battled it out in enemy territory. But fly low he did as he came out of cloud cover in pursuit of a Sopwith Camel with his Vokker giving chase as war birds with horse power did in close range fighting worlds away from guided and long range missiles. In going low the easily recognised plane entered the range of gunners on a mountain ridge that were pre-empting the position of the tri-wing and sending bullets in its perceived position ahead of time.

Just one of the many bullets whizzing away (about 160) made piercing impact hitting the serviceman in the ribs and thus bringing down his contraption like a wounded bird rapidly falling to earth. Not long after he died.


The experience of war can be filled with politics, honour, horror, hardship, sacrifice, bravery and skill, tragedy, ingenuity, mistakes, split second decisions, gut wrenching ordeals and mind damaging trauma on mass that reach back to homelands and lives well into the future touching nations and portions of nations and alliances with historical and personal revelations for centuries.


Friday, 20 April 2018

Mirror Mirror

Something in the soup

Modern science does not adhere to its own orthodoxy when it comes to a burden of proof. Modern science is built upon an A Priori position or assumption that nature is all that there is. Free loading science devoid of science.

Basically modern science begins its narrative with an unexplained miracle that it knows next to nothing about then has the nerve to not permit God or the supernatural into the equation.

Therefore modern science is just as much a con job and a piece of cultural secular privilege that dis-advantages & discriminates against people of faith. So don’t be surprised when you are persecuted for holding or drawing a faith line & in particular Christianity.

Religious intolerance is deeply-seated, quiet  and loud, abusive and proud  in the modern era that is still dependant on miracles for answers and meaning.


Thursday, 19 April 2018

In a world of replication and repetative patterns

In as much as technology has developed and specialised (& created some bigger problems like degradation, pollution, waste and a high cost of living and dying) humanity seems to be in the same old predicament.

If we are looking for technology and money to make our life easier or more cost effective and pain free then perhaps our gospel is convenience or a stitch in time saves nine. Good things in a way and things reminiscent of Eden with its rivers and manifold nature instilled with all things good for our provision.

But we cannot build a god although many races and cultures have tried to replicate the only true eternal God. Modern ‘man’ may think he or she is non- religious but deep down they seek to be their own god and rule all things autonomously as possible in catch up fashion that looks more like a game of twister. No, we haven’t come that far really. We are still in essence fallen and tangled & in need of a greater love and wisdom than our own.

Ten thousand rockets, five thousand satellites and 40 billion security cameras wont change the human heart and will that is in rebellion against God says Scripture.

Jesus is the original and the best and our greatest need whether we are rich or poor, in the first world or third world.John 1:1-14. Col 1:15-23.


Planet Maker & Planet Shaker.

Is the truth really out there? Only as far as God the Spirit is everywhere and it all points to Him. And it wouldn’t be the first time that humanity has looked for answers in all the wrong places for life, love, knowledge or wealth.

It doesn’t require rocket science with a billion dollar program and immense measures of time before we can get an inkling of how we were actually designed for life on earth and not space with God as our ultimate satisfaction pre fall, and not the things He has made or our worries that grip and drive us post fall.

Incredibly, it is old fashioned and supposedly out dated Scripture that reveals to us a new heaven and a new earth fit for living eternally beyond this familiar history with so much misery, sin and death.

And God has also gone to great lengths to come and relate to us in ways that we can understand and recognise His wonderful, purposeful works in salvation and creation over the ages.

In this sense Scripture proclaims to us that we are without excuse because of our wilful neglect and reckless ambition that rejects God’s wisdom, power and peace revealed in what He has made and how He has shown himself in the Christ whom we know to be Jesus. Rom 1:18-32.


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Suppressing the truth

So, it is 2018 and Thou shalt not have a religion or an opinion that is based upon a religion unless you express it in the margins. The so called tolerant society is not so tolerant even when it comes to the idea of God (hatred, paranoia or ignorance perhaps).

Many ideologies bent on power and influence have tried to shut down and intimidate belief in a holy God. Atheism has many faces and political arms. And now we witness corporate influence with all its money talking to pull some strings here in Australia. Then we have liberal theologians claiming to speak on behalf of Christ claiming God is OK with sin, as if the Holy Bible got it wrong and we are free to do as we please as we appeal to our own narrative at the expense of biblical instruction...the golden calf of 2018.

You don’t have to have a religion to be religious or rebellious when it comes to God. The just so of the golden calf (Ex 32:24) is just as evident in the just so creation myth of the big bang and all things random like an alleged abiogenesis which has no real scientific explanation except for the effect of smoke and mirrors. We would like to think that we have moved on from religion but unbelief in God doesn’t make God go away, it is just society trusting in its imagination that nature is all there is and they are free to do as they please.

Ex 32:1-32.


Sunday, 8 April 2018

Wherever you are in transcendent History.

The false prophets and false priests in Jeremiah’s day strengthened the hand of evil which was on the wrong side of God. Speaking from a mind-full delusion, Paganism belief and occult influence they promised or proclaimed a peace or teaching that was false. Jeremiah 23:1-32.

No wonder they tried to shut down Jeremiah just as they tried to shut down Christ Jesus. In the cause and effect of society, the power given to systematic politics that sought to undermine God had a time limit. God was going to rise up the Babylonian Army to demolish Jerusalem just as He had demolished Sodom for its reckless abuse of God’s good gifts.

It is no different today in the age of Post Scripture or Post Revelation as the blind lead the blind as they wander about, back and forth in history as they reject the Word of the LORD that comes with mercy and warning. It is not as if society has not been challenged by God’s Word as society places itself above the Word of God. We reap what we sow, no matter our place in history. Gal 6:7-8.

based on a sermon by Rev John Haverland 


Sunday, 1 April 2018

Behold !

Many would assume and argue that the resurrection is too good to be true.

Yet the Holy Bible proclaims that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is both good and true.

John 1:1-18.