Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Secular faith in the unobservable

Secular predestination often pops up in its science subjects. It is a predetermined outcome that is strongly held even when scientific observations challenge secular hallowed knowledge. Casting off valid concerns and challenges the so called facts (which are not observed facts but rather assumptions) become enshrined and holy. Untouchable and unapproachable and must be obeyed. Such are the dictators of secular science (or should we correctly say maths/consensus as if science was a democracy or safety in numbers and stuff like that).The Big bang is not science, it is a bunch of other stuff.


Monday, 26 February 2018

always changing and always the same

Jer 2:11-12. Has a nation ever changed its gods? (Yet they are not gods at all.) But my people have exchanged their glorious God for worthless idols. Be appalled at this, you heavens, and shudder with great horror,” declares the LORD.

It should come as no surprise that nations would change their gods. In fact Scripture makes it very clear in the New Testament letters also. Turning against the living God in exchange for this and that is an old pattern (apostasy).Believing to know better than God and seeking a glory of its own making can happen on mass. Modern Religion is very active in the modern world. The belief that humans are the ultimate authority and they can do as they please is as old as the hills and more of the same. Scripture urges us not to be fooled by it for very good reason,always, always.


Friday, 23 February 2018

Crushed and expired

We have had a few visits from snakes over the years but thankfully they moved on pretty quickly. Photography wise, it’s cool to come across the more revered creatures as long as I have a safe working distance and a zoom lens is great for that.

This week I came across a highly venomous Brown snake & a Goanna but the poor things were roadkill/car kill. The snake was alive but had suffered damage so it was very limited movement wise. When I picked it up by the tail (with extreme caution & multiple testing) I could still feel its muscles in a type of spasm and as I dragged it gently backwards its spine seemed to click here and there and it was then that it died. I then proceeded to set it up for a few photos still very carefully & mostly with a stick.

The Goanna was further down the road and just to the side & therefore not squashed, it was stiff with a good weight & its skin coarse/rough with claws that were very sharp. I had my zoom on so I couldn’t fit the whole creature into one shot. I will archive the images away & use them for artistic or educational reference.


Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Petition and proclamation

The words “God gives and God takes away” were hidden deep in the heart of Job. He had pretty much lost everything he owned as well as the lives of his dearly loved children (7 sons & 3 daughters) and his servants. The book of Job is one of the best country & eastern songs/poetry of all time, Job’s sufferings served a higher purpose or meaning beyond the shallow surface of deep painful human suffering. And there was more to come in the land that was Uz.

Autonomy says it’s OK, we have got this, or we can bounce back, yes we can, and stuff like that. Admirable in a way but faith always turns to God and prayer. In grief, pain and loss prayer is not some weak sense of hopelessness & inaction like a government with tied hands that often seems to deliver more for itself than its citizens. Prayer is more powerful & precious than that. because of the God who sees, hears and acts daily.

Job's Blue Period.

I got the original image off the net (couldn't find a source)
Then reconfigured the composition size & added a blue tint for emphasis.


Tuesday, 20 February 2018

It is not God who is doing the hiding

The constrained & exclusive seasons of the sublime earth include the wisdom of God the maker of heaven & earth. The intelligent designer connection is undeniable in real terms yet the mind & heart will often do its best to sweep that truth under a rug as if hoping God or the idea of God will just go away so that we may live an autonomous life as if it were a normal thing to be apart from our maker.

The refusal of God to explain His design is itself a burning hint of His design. The riddles of God are more satisfying than the solutions of man.” G.K. Chesterton,


Monday, 19 February 2018

Finding the right lines

Yes the very cold & freezing Winter Olympics are in full swing. A culmination & festival of telecast sport to unite the world with a big event. Many eyes are on Pyongyang & Pyongyin where the good and not so good mix it up. Swirling twirling entities of safety first as they take it to the limit.


Sunday, 18 February 2018

Life saving river in the desert

The Bible is clear, humanity is broken & our inherited suffering can be traced back & matched to just outside the beautiful place of Eden where we once were found but now are a lost and losing world. And not far from there the first murder scene is recorded. Abel is attacked and killed by his brother. Life as we know it is like that now. Gen 4:1-26. Cain & Abel inherited their parent’s ugly sin.

For all the legislation, for all the education, for all the technology & money invested, the human heart remains separated from the Love of God that is able to powerfully speak and act with transforming power. We would like to think that we are civilised, but from the lowest in society to the esteemed government or corporation, it is not that hard to spot the crookedness and shame that so many would deny. We are suspended & submerged in sin within & without.

The Bible is clear. It is only in Jesus Christ of Nazareth that we would find true healing and restoration of mind, body and soul. God has spoken but do we really want to hear. Rom 3:9-20. We are all sick, some seem sicker than others but it is the same sickness of sin. You may not believe in sin but you cannot deny its hold on this torn, broken and painful world in need of healing.

The blood of Jesus, the laying down of His life for ours brings peace with God. An immeasurable sacrifice & cost that speaks to our present understanding and beyond. Merciful God that doesnt not turn a blind eye to injustice.


Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The big controller

There is a lot to like about trains & there is a lot to like about tracks. There is efficiency & stability about well-kept time tables all things being equal. Trains tracking on time are a big picture of satisfaction & accomplishment. Clockwork is a big part of the ‘man’ made world, the natural world & the supernatural world.

Scripture says that God is on track with His plans and purposes. God is the ultimate controller of all things, even when things seem to go wrong or seem out of control. They seem out of control because we see with our natural eyes & asses things accordingly but faith relies on a different & more reliable kind of knowledge that is set on Scripture & the promises of God. This does not come naturally to humans, we must be transformed, shaped & trained by God. Isa 14:24-27.


Thursday, 8 February 2018

Cause and causality: In search of power and glory and peace

In as much as we may or may not honour the military & those that serve in it (very big things in some countries).War is a manifestation & consequence of sin. It is an expression of humankind’s enmity against God which is also expressed further down the line as our enmity to one another. 

Defence forces would not be needed if there was no such thing as sin. It is not the regeneration of weapons that can save us, which is just more of the circular same. We must look further along the line from where it all came, cause, effect etc. Only Christ can do what we cannot. As Martyn Lloyd Jones is quoted again.


Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Post-modern Mind Melds

One man's democracy can be the same man's totalitarian state, 
it's what we like to call an inclusive dictatorship.


Spot on Love of the Father

Trajectories are a wonderful thing if you get it right. But as much as it may be called science, maths, physics or whatever it can also be known as sport, war, religion & ideology.

To be out in terms of measurement or force at the beginning even by the tiniest amount can equate in such a way that a small mistake can balloon & magnify into something large, extra-large, immense, catastrophic & tragic even. From little things big things come. We tend to despise the small things as we seek the grand. But if we can’t get the small things right how are we going to get the big things right.

God reveals this wisdom to us in His Word & it is why the small things matter just as much as the big. If we choose a trajectory that is contrary to His ways we can expect a dismal outcome. Not necessarily straight away but nevertheless dismal despite the illusion of promise. We see this in the prodigal son & the waiting gazing Father. Luke 15:11-32. We see it too in our own wanderings & calculations. The God who made this world & everything in it with function & purpose reveals His generous & merciful heart in His gospel of Grace & peace. No rocket will get you there, no form of transport but Christ & Christ alone.


Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Putting it all (sort of) together.

I would like to think that I know my Bible (pretty well) and I know this didn’t come naturally. I had to bow before intelligence, influence, inspiration, teaching & wisdom to gain that understanding. More amazingly though is that my Bible knows me even better than & know myself. This would not be possible if God had not inspired the words written by the prophets & guided faithful instructors along the line that God had prepared in advance.

In all of these things the Holy Spirit is working like a percentage of dark matter (or whatever it is) in this 'tiny universe' (God’s perspective), overwhelmingly massive yet mysterious and often unrecognised. Here I am, a seemingly tiny insignificant dot (if that) on the radar of life, a sparrow of sorts but much, much more. And everything I say & do & think matters & that is especially true when it comes to God. Everything comes into significant purpose when it comes to God who holds all mysteries in His hand. 


Friday, 2 February 2018

Peaking Duck (as in to the maximum) & playing on words

Stuff me! Well the truth is when you come face to face with academia words get technical don’t they. Welcome to the world of specialisation & big, big, tricky, tricky words and your mind & memory end up like a bulging stuffed chook(chicken) seasoned with new meanings and definitions. Then the experts have the nerve/hide to say keep it simple & easily presentable!

There was a while there when I thought life as you got older was like sitting in a rocking chair not a pilot’s cockpit. Such is learning new & old things…A bit like becoming a Michelin chef.

Old fashioned black/chalk board

Magnetised white board (& projector)

While learning can be fun it is also hard work that requires commitment and dedication. New information doesn't come that easy unless you treat it like watching a TV show or listening to a song on auto pilot which doesn't really require too much engagement and is a bit like driving in neutral which doesn't help when you come to a hill.

Of course books are not that bad and really are an extension of our mind & thoughts and hoops to jump through and absorb what they convey, so that we may get a grip of what is being conveyed. Its how we roll.