Tuesday, 30 January 2018

The community of Humanism

We are led to believe that ‘man’ is the measure of all things, in this belief there is that tendency to put humanity in the highest order. But even then we tend to order people into class or race or education status etc. This is true of communism just as much as capitalism and what is our strength can become our weakness.

Christianity however thinks outside this apex. We do not become slaves to the state or slaves to the dollar (or should not). Jesus is LORD and carer in any and every circumstance. God is the most high & His humility came all the way down to a wooden cross so that we may share in the good things of His Kingdom. John 8:23-30.

In the here and now and forever in eternity when a full restoration will take place and order shall be restored for all to see. 


Friday, 26 January 2018

Pipeline, coming, imminent, underway

Christians are often told (entreated, beseeched, preached to, etc.) by those outside the faith to be non-judgemental and loving because it is assumed that is how Christians (followers of Christ) ought to live. True enough, there is a facet to that to reflect such responses at times (but often that truth is twisted up). And God admonishes His children that they may learn and turn from what is not for our ultimate good. James 4:1-12.

Yet the world also is in great need of being beseeched and implored for rejecting God and His considerate ways that has demonstrated great mercy and wisdom in sending His Son to save it from an estranged state of disrepair and wilful sinful.


Thursday, 25 January 2018


Plants, animals, birds & fish etc. all have the ability to fascinate our being. They convey wisdom, design and intelligence from the maker of moving parts, discernable difference and a living spirit.


What do you believe when you say:
I believe in God the Father almighty,
Creator of heaven and earth?


Let there be light.

Predestination in the modern mind 
that rejects the Creator God.
Dark Arts Science

We like to think and easily identify with nature as being wild, but humanity is just as cruel as a net or web and the animal kingdom more human like at times. The Bible argues and reasons in this way but it is not advocating evolution or a chaotic universe or creation of accidental meaning and purpose.

Because of the fall into the very real predicament of that thing that is sin (Gen 3:1-24.) humanity has lost its true image and has become a poor copy, the animal and plant kingdom also. We live in a giant mess and puzzle that can easily deceive us. 


Waiting and knowing

Samson and Solomon, great wisdom, strength and blessing yet great were their mistakes also. What they could not accomplish eventually was according to God’s timing and purpose undetected by mental computing, in the coming of the King and judge of all the earth, the fulfilment of a promise by the promise keeper. Psalm 118:1-29. 


Sunday, 21 January 2018

More than a tourist

We recently went to New Zealand for a family wedding. We also managed to holiday with a bit of a road trip. Travelling can be a hassle with luggage, parking, connecting trains, big cities and airports etc. but it was worth all the effort.

Thankfully I had some opportunity to take a few photos along the way and marvel once again at God’s creation and design in a different setting. Escaping the 40+ heat of Australia we basked in a cooler climate with gentle rain in a paradise of sorts. Beautiful rivers and grand landscapes (words are not enough really) without deadly snakes, I was at relative peace with nature once again.

On a Sunday morning in Nelson we went to church and the sermon was about Jesus, the Samaritan woman and living water. John 4:1-26. It was great to be reminded again about what matters the most. It took a while for the penny to drop for the Samaritan woman as she conversed with God the Son and it reminded me of Pantheism.

In as much as God made all things & therefore they point to Him (before and after the fall) He is not to be found in nature but in His revealing Himself to us lest we in our minds go round and round in circles without a bearing.God has made a way that He may be known objectively via His Word so there can be no mistake.


Saturday, 20 January 2018

Eternal significance

The unbelief and inability to recognise Jesus as a representation of God had dire consequences for the Pharisees. John 8:12-20. Jesus, the Light of life is the way & the only way to God. As much as it would be nice to think all religions have a little bit of God in them (and they may well do so to a point) Jesus is God and salvation/restoration can only come in & through Him.

The false hope that ‘man’ is king and can save himself through intellect & enterprise is just as damaging and just another form of belief in unbelief. Quality of life that ends in death and says that is all there is, is surrender to the curse and the lie instead of to the Saviour and restoration. 

The Big I Am


Sunday, 7 January 2018


Shutting down communications for a while.
Should get back into it towards the end of January all being well.


Bears on borrowed time?

In the libeary
"Notice how such new species will
1.    be more specialised;
2.    be better adapted to a particular habitat; and
3.    have less genetic information than the original group."

*Better adapted can also mean more vulnerable if a habitat suffers.


Saturday, 6 January 2018

Establishment based science

Far from factual and clear cut, the science that is promoted today about millions and billions of years (deep time) is far from real observed science but rather a compilation of ideas dressed up in scientific terms.

Often scientific observations (https://creation.com/age-of-the-earth) that challenge the mainstream ideas dressed up as observable solid facts is never given the light of day. Such is the bias that often exists. Science is not black and white even as it is often portrayed to be. Scientific license is as common as artistic license.

‘Science … is not so much concerned with truth as it is with consensus. What counts as ‘truth’ is what scientists can agree to count as truth at any particular moment in time … [Scientists] are not really receptive or not really open-minded to any sorts of criticisms or any sorts of claims that actually are attacking some of the established parts of the research (traditional) paradigm — in this case neo-Darwinism — so it is very difficult for people who are pushing claims that contradict the paradigm to get a hearing. They’ll find it difficult to [get] research grants; they’ll find it hard to get their research published; they’ll, in fact, find it very hard.’
Professor Evelleen Richards, Science Historian, University of NSW, Australia, Lateline, 9 October 1998, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.


Friday, 5 January 2018

Star giver

Navigate (navis-ship + agere-drive = navigar = navigat=navigate) is a word often related to ships but has broadened over time and applied to many things including airplanes, cars, computing and creatures. The formal becomes informal in word but the detail/actions still requires astute observations be that by sight or sound or even smell/taste.

Awareness and reading the right signs or signals is paramount to navigation and also acting on those things. As it is with navigation so it is with faith. We are not called to follow the crowd but to follow Jesus, the great I AM, the truth and the way. Scripture says people will tire of the truth and turn to myths. 2 Tim 4:3-4. And we see the repercussion of that today in various diverse forms a lineage of disobedience and denial of God is strong like a force that sweeps people along.


Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Skill sets, combinations & the importance of remembering

Skill sets, combinations & the importance of remembering
God most of all.

 If I forget you, Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill.Psalm 137:5.