Thursday, 12 July 2018

He always does that, always, always.

Apparently religion isn’t going anywhere soon. That’s an atheistic verdict, an atheistic faith based verdict that probably thought religion would fade out and die. Many, many people are blinded by atheistic materialism as they embrace nature and purpose by accident as they claim the high intellectual ground as they switch from story to story, and failed theory to failed theory.

God calls out atheism and its baseless denials of Him as foolishness. And it is. The mortal challenging the immortal, the made challenging the maker of all, the natural assuming authority over the super-natural. It is a picture of futility and foolishness where human pride gets the better of the human.

There is a bigger picture to this parade of pride that spans the centuries and thousands of years that go back to the garden, now scattered and decimated by sin. How ironic that a Spirit such as Satan should fool people into thinking nature is all there is and that humans are the final authority and the ultimate God-head. How ironic and sad that people do not see this new religion & belief for what it is.

Only God, the only true God, can take that kind of blindness and foolishness away from the heart and head of mankind. Only God can cut away the fleshly and earthly ties that bind us to the curse and the power of sin. That is the message of the Holy Bible from start to finish, beginning to end. And the one eternal God isn’t going anywhere anytime.

He is the one who calls us to assess our place in His history and narrative in the light of His Son Jesus. If you want to get to the bottom of things look to Him who challenges unbelief and belief equally as only truth can. Truth is eternal.


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