Friday, 8 June 2018

without God = choas

We are still living in the enlightenment (we even have steampunks and hipsters for a visual stimulus and the whitecoats now present in day to day casual attire).With the discovery within genetics that is now taking place and now being debated & mutated, Atheists continue to employ materialistic faith & Theists continue to appeal to science & Theological reason.

It’s not easy to put it all together, especially when on another level the education system indoctrinates rather than educates the young minds of today and tomorrow and the mainstream media are complicit and bias and no longer function in an objective sense.
Even the church on the surface in various places can get wishy-washy and looks at times obscure or compromised.

A political atheistic/materialistic education department has been implemented. It’s good for a lot of things I suppose, but not when it comes to truth or freedom. Hotel Utopia, Hotel California & the Gold fever of Rainbow ideology where reason is no longer reason because truth and freedom and biology no longer matters, except if you wish to disagree with consensus and authority. 

After the flood, after babel, after migration and immigration and after another gold rush of sorts, looking for bridges that we have burned over troubled waters as we turn our backs on primarily important families and relationships for euphemistic dysfunction in the name of feelings or inclinations. This is no dream but there are plenty of illusions and only God is real and that is what matters most of all.


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