Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Walking a line.

There is something very communal, very equal and very stable and anti-chaos about the Ten Commandments. In the first place it is not about the Hebrew people being delivered out of oppressive ancient Egypt but about God delivering on His promise to Abraham way back when. The law always has its limitations due to the sinful nature in which all humanity shares (no we can’t all just get along). Even if those laws are very good we have ways of corrupting or getting around them (great or small).

The natural inclination to do nice things for one another at times does not cancel out the human collective sinful nature that does things for its own glory and satisfaction as it goes against the holy hand that fed it in the first place. Basically we cannot make ourselves good in a spiritual sense, we cannot make ourselves clean before God, even if we do a pretty decent job in our society, workplace or family or wherever.

God is the true length and we all fall short. God reveals the distance between us and Him not to brag but to show us how deep and far we have fallen. When we look to Christ we see how God closes the great gap and divide as He comes in humility, compassion, mercy, truth and victory. It is the coming of a kingdom across years and years and races and peoples and nations.

Some views do not give us the true length, at times they need to be derived or calculated. In many respects Theology and geometry are the same. It is not enough to say I see it with my eyes, our salvation and understanding need to be “worked out” in practice as we stick to God's rules in a very chaotic unstable world.Funnily or ironically enough, the most solid thing is God who cannot be seen,even though he is everywhere. 


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