Sunday, 17 June 2018

Trading Places

In Revelation we read the words that God is making everything new. Rev 21:1-8. He is not going to tweak things a bit here and there, He is making everything new. We get into the business of restoring things and replicating things but nowhere near the scale and level of God. We play God (because we are made in His image), but God is God.

And as God calls His children into His kingdom we get to play a role in the restoration of all things as we share and live the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a replication or imitation that comes from the master craftsman as He shapes our lives for service. That shaping comes in the way of trials and tribulations at times, as if battered by waves and inclement weather. God allows this for the good and growth of his children, that we shall become “all the more” like Him in every way.

[I have been working on some drawings & video based on some local history] 

A work in progress.


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