Monday, 4 June 2018

The beating and bagging goes on

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and Christianity will give you a good endorphin hit? Sounds weird to me and would have also sounded weird to Jesus, Paul & Silas among others but some person on the net tried to tell me I don’t need Christianity anymore because other things can make me feel happy? I couldn’t trust the Bible either because of something about grasshopper legs (which may have been a translation, interpretive or theological error.)

There is and are lots of games people play in order to wedge Christians from the Bible and faith in God. It goes back to when Satan pursued Eve in the garden. Enticement and encouragement to forsake the wisdom of God is as they say “as old as the hills” Beware of the science of the mind that claims this and that, for we are heart, soul and body also. Acts 16:31-40.


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