Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Spot the football

So the world cup spectacle is under way in the land of the Lada. The old world and poor world charm is momentarily forgotten for the big celebration and international round ball competition and millionaire footballers. The 2018 ball (Adidas Telstar 18) is part retro (1970’s) and comes with less seams and a slippery coating and near field communication chip. Whether it is hackable like Neymar’s lower legs and ankles I cannot say. And with the spectacle comes the adverts and this image brought me some joy.

Robin van Persie’s diving header from the Brazil 2014 is semi immortalized in the world of video editing and beamed across the world where east meets west and south meets north. A stereotypical semi-humorous take in the age of extreme consumerism.


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