Thursday, 21 June 2018

Poor man - rich King

Paradigms and worldly paradise are often optical illusions and some illusions are very clever. Banks are respectable institutions, politicians are there to serve, journalism is unbiased, socialism would make things fairer, if we all had a bit more money we wouldn’t have to worry, science is about facts, tropical islands are blissful and look how far we have come. It really depends where you want to look and why you want to look more than anything. It is the same old story each new day.

These are things that Jesus confronted when he ministered in the middle- east all those years ago before the world got even more complicated and branched with the same old story of the paradigm and its ascending and descending  movements and angles.

The fifty-fifty or six of one and half  a dozen of the other just doesn't work when it comes to Jesus as he speaks to the very heart of the religious and irreligious and young or old the same. We all like sheep have gone astray, near or far. Isaiah 53:1-6. More than an influence,more than a theory.Messiah.Luke 9:18-20.


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