Saturday, 9 June 2018

Living Fossil record

There’s a place where the fresh water flows round a bend towards the distant ocean where a deeper cut allows for big boats to near tall timbers and low land plains that make farming possible. It was tidal back then and the rivers and oceans were our assumed rite of passage to explore, discover and conquer. It was a place where cultures clashed and skin colour contrasted. Rich cultures of intelligence and industry and equally brutal and harsh if the truth be told, each in their own way as our histories record.

From the great dispersion and estrangement from the hope of Babel, what goes around comes around on the face of the earth and a small and beautiful world caught up in the judgement and mercy of God. It’s a story with a great scattering and much pain and much suffering. We are living fossils from the place of the tower when our language and dialect was thrown into confusion. It’s in our spirit and in our DNA. Our traditional land beyond our traditional lands that sweeps back to the garden of old where peace, industry and relationship dwelt in the abundance of Eden with closed gates and now washed away in the turmoil and tribulation of the great flood that tore up the world in judgement and mercy.


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