Thursday, 14 June 2018

faith vs faith

One of the young students I teach in Scripture is fascinated by the idea of time travel. For him the possibility of that is just about the coolest thing, along with a whole bunch of other stuff.

The idea that in reality it is impossible to Dr Who (trademark) here and there seems non-existent, it is not a matter of how but when. There is faith in that assumption, faith that somehow mankind is going to conquer time and physics in a science type or kind of way. In real life and in entertainment mankind or an alien is the pioneer and Saviour

But when God does it in reality then it gets confronting and our possibility mode goes to impossible in society. All of a sudden things get “religious” and compartmentalised. History and recorded data and the Bible are probably the last place people would look to go to see how God can save us from sin and death through flesh and blood. John 1:1-18.

More than a natural cycle within a cycle, more than a pecking order, more than mere politics, more than time and more than physics and psychics, more than science and dreams, The Bible is more complete than we first realise. Dan 2:24-49.

[For me, there is a kind of conditioning in society, a positive reinforcement that favours belief in Materialism and unbelief in God. We see it in the sciences and psychology in particular. At its heart is an atheistic doctrine that dominates the conservation and conversation. The Christian church in the modern world is very much like tiny Israel of old, faith vs faith.]

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