Friday, 11 May 2018

When atheism and the anti-Christ align.

In the modern atheistic world death of the physical body is the assumed end. And in this ensuing trend we find things like Euthanasia and abortion promoted heavily for the modern populous to gently absorb like a toxic deadly chemical to kill off Christianity & the idea of accountability to a Creator as an influence in society.

In influential persuasive operant conditioning universities, local councils, national government and national news outlets and radio channels, the big push dressed up in modern garb has antiquated history. There is a natural inclination to deny God and go our own way and make our own rules.

Whether we like to pass ourselves off as religious or non- religious we all operate from belief. The false idea and clever lie that secular is neutral creates a kingdom that is Anti God & Anti-Christ. What is true of us is just as true for a society that chooses such a path and is creating another religion that is just as old as it is new. Welcome to Anti-Godocracy.


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