Friday, 11 May 2018

Uncommercialised motherhood

Mother’s Day as a 365 day calendar event has rolled around again. It’s good to celebrate mothers who are very much a work in progress and who may even transition into grandmothers and great grandmothers.

Unofficial and un-accredited nurses, doctors, teachers, soldiers, carers, taxi drivers, caterers, finance advisers and cleaners rolled into a one stop being that aint no shop. 

The Bible honours motherhood as something praiseworthy and not to be taken lightly or for granted as if they were a God given right or freedom to be abused. Mothers are to be given deep respect and in them we get to see a picture of God who created men and women in His image.

No earthly father loves like Thee,
No mother, e’er so mild,
Bears and forbears as Thou hast done,
With me, Thy sinful child.

F W Faber 1849.


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