Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Timing is essential

There is something strikingly wonderful about visiting farmland for me, especially on a beautiful autumn day under the sun in all of its brilliance. The birds seem to appreciate the agricultural side of things too where bugs get to swarm and crawl about. In many respects it is another world, a distant world from the the bricks 'n' mortar and concrete slabs and asphalt roads that pave the surrounding land. 

There is a busy-ness there of course, productivity in the ecology and the diligent farmer or their helpers out in the fields and keeping track of seasons, clouds, winds, rainfall, soil structure, prices etc, but the farmer also must wait for the harvest.

In the book of James we are faithfully directed to look to the farmer as an example of patience and busyness in light of the Lord's coming with the encouragement to persevere in faith and obedience as the world and the devil continues on in its rejection and eradication program of God & His salvation via various means.James 5:7-12. 


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