Friday, 4 May 2018

Original God

The big push to elevate science as god into the modern mind and keep it there for society to be guided and misguided by has many devout students, disciples and teachers. The age of Reason and Rationalism was in many ways a rock and roll moment that swept the globe. The sex, drugs and free love (is there such a thing apart from Jesus) came later along with Eastern Mystics.

And know we find that historical & observational science itself is becoming less rationalistic, more religious (it already was) and very mystical and musical indeed. It seems the mind can overrule the biology and body with a little help from pharmacy and surgery as we become our own gods of creativity. How extremely ironic (don’t you think).

It is a very transitional world filled with apostasies of all kinds, apostasies that mirror the one and only moment in the garden when disobedience became shame and guilt- sin and death with consequences that were already spoken and spelt out. Ancestry/Hereditary/Geography/Archaeology/Natural/

Our personal & societal struggle with knowledge and of good and evil and one another (and ourselves) reflects our alienation from God who alone understands our identity politics. Scripture is not out to flatter or fool us and neither does it recommend the destructive path and final doom as a way of salvation. Jesus is the only way, the only redemption that truly delivers. In the hardware and software and alleged age of information, He is the original & incorruptible.There is infinite wisdom in the wooden cross/tree. 1 Cor 1:18-31.


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