Sunday, 20 May 2018

In the active silence

The stars are like sand, you just can’t count them because there are so many. You may have the desire or will to do it for whatever reason but the wise thing would be to say no, it’s just not possible in real terms because of our limited nature in comparison to God the Spirits creative power.

That’s not defeatism but realism and the blessing of being able to genuinely bask in the unknown and in the mystery. It is not God that requires us to have an answer to everything…that is man’s desire which competes against the more we discover the more we realise how little we really know.

Knowledge out of kilter with the wisdom of God is going to be looking in the wrong places for answers and satisfaction. Ancient and modern religions and philosophies have often thought they could match it with the one eternal God.

Faith in nature alone and faith in human intellect focus on the gifts of God but not God the giver of all things. People want the creation without the Creator and redemption without Redeemer and justice without a judge or king and freedom without restraint which really equates to mankind wanting to be a type of God which equates to humanity rebelling against God.

In Jesus Christ all these things come together through Him.The Roman roads, Greek geometry, Babylonian flames and power, Celtic and Scandinavian design, Egyptian and South American pyramids and Hebrew law all find their beginning and end in the Alpha & Omega in a new world like it was in the beginning, world without end restored in the fullness of time by the fullness of God.Rev 22:13-16.


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