Sunday, 13 May 2018

He who prepares tables

The royal wedding is pretty big news of late, lots of data in the press about who is going & who isn’t etc. Usually with a big wedding a special feast follows with customary invitations also. Yesterday in a small community hall on a back street in a lesser suburb we heard a sermon on the great banquet. Luke 14:15-24. 

Customs were different then, sort of. It seems they were more like a rave party with a late warning call after an initial invite which shouldn’t have been a problem in the not so extreme business that we live with today. But the insincere excuses came then also, to busy, to wrapped up in my own circumstances etc. The justification to ignore the great feast came at great cost but also opened up the door to the seemingly not so important people.

God’s kingdom is like that as the parable (layered meaning) reveals. This is no token gesture or plan B from God. God is generous and hospitable and does not measure us according to our perceived wealth or privilege. Time and again God shows us what really matters most of all.

Silver & gold and the finer things in life cannot compare with the richness of God’s ways, neither can having the best and closest relationship with another if it be not God for all the friends or family you may or may not have, for all things come from His hand. Things in and of themselves that are not that bad can become our slaves and oppressors which lead us away from God, temporarily or eternally depending on the text.

That same invitation is in circulation today inviting people to the kingdom of God demonstrated in Christ Jesus with an encouragement to come and be filled. Isaiah 55:1-13.


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