Thursday, 24 May 2018

Big Hands? Strong hands.

“A warm golden light suggests something sacred and eternal in this daily scene where the struggle to survive takes place. During his years of preparatory studies, Millet contemplated how best to convey the sense of repetition and fatigue in the peasants' daily lives. Lines traced over each woman’s back lead to the ground and then back up in a repetitive motion identical to their unending, backbreaking labour. Along the horizon, the setting sun silhouettes the farm with its abundant stacks of grain, in contrast to the large shadowy figures in the foreground. The dark homespun dresses of the gleaners cut robust forms against the golden field, giving each woman a noble, monumental strength”. (Wikipedia)


The have and the have nots, the rich and the poor and manual labour… There is no denying the benefits of mechanisation but that too comes at a cost to the pocket and the environment as we move towards robotics and electronics to “infinity and beyond” with our wonderful ‘toys’ in the modern composition of national interests, corporate power and small business and lots of plastic that makes its way into the family home.

And work still makes us weary and tired, our feet ache and our backs get sore and stiff and usually there is still another bill to pay or on the way. Yes there is a lot of fingertip tapping as our eyes take in more and more as we buy this and trade in that or give it away in charity. Thank the good Lord for rest, sustenance, substance and guidance and His school of realism in a world with stars in its eyes.


Who is the hero?The elite, the working class, the middle class, the entrepreneur, the genius, the charity worker,the educated ?Who is the villain? Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Barter-ism, The Press/Media, The Police, The Judicial Rulers?


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