Friday, 18 May 2018

Angelic Wars

If society accepts terminology/ad hominem name calling like homophobia, islamophobia etc. then logic would follow that society is also influenced by religious freedom phobia, Christ-o- phobic, God-o-phobic dogma.

The LGBTQ etc. etc. crusade that is supposed to offer freedom and love has its conversion therapies and indoctrination programs. This new religion is reaching out to school children with the assistance of government policy. It is also putting innocents to the political sword because of religious convictions.

History repeats, repeats, repeats, the cultural warfare is on the surface, the spiritual warfare behind. Anyone can claim love is love but without truth you have nothing. “To walk out of His will is to walk into nowhere.” Wrote C.S Lewis but that is putting it mildly. To walk away from God is to draw near to satanic influence and verses that may indeed seem to have an element of cultural freedom about it at first.

When Jesus said He was God and the way He wasn't kidding, it was a life and death thing that also spoke of eternal consequences. There is only one God and one way out of this war to perfect peace that has a lot more to it than just "culture".John 14:6.


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