Wednesday, 30 May 2018

A price is paid (in full)

Do you like traffic signs, do you think they are there to make you afraid or to keep you from harm’s way? I think for the most part they are for my own & others good. Lots of people claim that the Holy Bible & God is all to do with fear and phobias but it is much more about doing what is good and finding safe passage. Lots of people twist the Bibles teachings with intent and motive, they don’t want to recognise the love and wisdom of God so they make up their own rules for what they believe about God, life, living and death. Prov 14:12.

This world is filled with alternate meanings and explanations and they cannot and are not all right. We live in a world where many wrongs are multiplied and the truth is hard to find. In this sense the Bible is like buried treasure & knowing God through Jesus is just the best and greatest thing ever. There is no better discovery. Matt 13:45-46.


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