Thursday, 19 April 2018

Planet Maker & Planet Shaker.

Is the truth really out there? Only as far as God the Spirit is everywhere and it all points to Him. And it wouldn’t be the first time that humanity has looked for answers in all the wrong places for life, love, knowledge or wealth.

It doesn’t require rocket science with a billion dollar program and immense measures of time before we can get an inkling of how we were actually designed for life on earth and not space with God as our ultimate satisfaction pre fall, and not the things He has made or our worries that grip and drive us post fall.

Incredibly, it is old fashioned and supposedly out dated Scripture that reveals to us a new heaven and a new earth fit for living eternally beyond this familiar history with so much misery, sin and death.

And God has also gone to great lengths to come and relate to us in ways that we can understand and recognise His wonderful, purposeful works in salvation and creation over the ages.

In this sense Scripture proclaims to us that we are without excuse because of our wilful neglect and reckless ambition that rejects God’s wisdom, power and peace revealed in what He has made and how He has shown himself in the Christ whom we know to be Jesus. Rom 1:18-32.


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