Thursday, 19 April 2018

In a world of replication and repetative patterns

In as much as technology has developed and specialised (& created some bigger problems like degradation, pollution, waste and a high cost of living and dying) humanity seems to be in the same old predicament.

If we are looking for technology and money to make our life easier or more cost effective and pain free then perhaps our gospel is convenience or a stitch in time saves nine. Good things in a way and things reminiscent of Eden with its rivers and manifold nature instilled with all things good for our provision.

But we cannot build a god although many races and cultures have tried to replicate the only true eternal God. Modern ‘man’ may think he or she is non- religious but deep down they seek to be their own god and rule all things autonomously as possible in catch up fashion that looks more like a game of twister. No, we haven’t come that far really. We are still in essence fallen and tangled & in need of a greater love and wisdom than our own.

Ten thousand rockets, five thousand satellites and 40 billion security cameras wont change the human heart and will that is in rebellion against God says Scripture.

Jesus is the original and the best and our greatest need whether we are rich or poor, in the first world or third world.John 1:1-14. Col 1:15-23.


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