Friday, 27 April 2018

Circles of life and circles of death

Have you ever heard the phrase “too much information”? When there is too much info it is easy to miss the main points or maybe get too personal or private about stuff. When we overload things they don’t work as they should and they can lose their designed function or purpose.

When God tells us He made the heavens and the earth He is keeping it simple and keeping us on track for our benefit (That is not to say that people won’t twist its meaning). He lets it be known that what He made was no accident and that it was very good (without the effects of sin and death that we easily see today). Genesis 1:1.

And those key things help us unlock our understanding and knowledge of our personal origins and that of our Maker. Our beginning comes from the power and wisdom of an almighty God who is beyond nature but evidenced in it.

God is not nature with all its powerful laws and order with amazing wisdom and beauty. God is far more powerful and impressive than all those things. As wonderful as they are and can be, don’t get those things mixed up otherwise you will end up stuck as you go round and round in circles like the earth that God made in our beginning.Yes we were made to fit when it comes to earth and we were also made to live with God in an intimate, close and happy/blessed relationship when the world began.


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