Saturday, 21 April 2018

ANZAC day approaches

Apparently the Red Baron didn’t like to get too low an altitude when he battled it out in enemy territory. But fly low he did as he came out of cloud cover in pursuit of a Sopwith Camel with his Vokker giving chase as war birds with horse power did in close range fighting worlds away from guided and long range missiles. In going low the easily recognised plane entered the range of gunners on a mountain ridge that were pre-empting the position of the tri-wing and sending bullets in its perceived position ahead of time.

Just one of the many bullets whizzing away (about 160) made piercing impact hitting the serviceman in the ribs and thus bringing down his contraption like a wounded bird rapidly falling to earth. Not long after he died.


The experience of war can be filled with politics, honour, horror, hardship, sacrifice, bravery and skill, tragedy, ingenuity, mistakes, split second decisions, gut wrenching ordeals and mind damaging trauma on mass that reach back to homelands and lives well into the future touching nations and portions of nations and alliances with historical and personal revelations for centuries.


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