Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The fox and the chicken

Luke 13:31-35

It is easy to point the finger at the villains in the Easter message but when all is said and done "we all like sheep have gone astray". Basically, there is no one that matches the righteous requirements of the law or who is not under the influence of sin. Rom 3:9-20.

This doesn't mean the other things don't matter, but in terms of our personal perspective in looking down on others which we tend to do exceptionally well. When we look to God we should fall silent or side with humility instead of ranting or mumbling above or below our breath as if we are the exception to the rule which belongs to Christ alone.

It is not a pretty picture to have our true self revealed and it is not a pretty picture to see what the power of Rome or politics, the power of religion corrupted or the power of humanity corrupted can do to God or our neighbour. Peel back the layers, peel back the years, peel back our heritage or ancestry and our natural tendency to hate or out do God becomes very apparent.


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