Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Footprints in the gate

The world would like to think that it has moved on from the Christian religion/faith yet it still operates by a faith and is yet to remove God from His throne. The so called freedoms that it practises in the name of empowerment are more about a powerlessness to overcome evil so it flips its morality and moves into public celebration mode (as has been done numerous times before).

It is in fact a false gospel that is short lived and short sighted but has a very wide gate with a high volume of traffic. Can so many be so wrong, and so few be right? According to God the answer is yes. Matt 7:13-14.

Cities and houses don’t seem to have as many gates and fences these days (where I live at least). Security has become more of an individual or mobile thing but that is not going to stop your heart or mind being robbed of the truth. 


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