Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Chocolate won't do that.

Sin has its primary and secondary laws or effects and try as we may, we cannot undo what has been done. It would seem the default position when it comes to sin is to hide things and cover it up one way or another. If that fails blame or bluff or run… what a big/huge problem sin is & it can be found in all manner of places and hierarchies and experts or nobles are not immune, nobody is. Sin is a stain and blemish and no chemical or amount of washing can get rid of it and coats of paint will only protect what lies hidden beneath.

Some say the world revolves around money but sin is easily up there. And this is the reason that God clothed himself in human flesh. He came to take on our estate and being. In a demonstration of humility and obedience in human frailty, He walked the walk to demonstrate what holiness really looks like and that is truly amazing. No marvel heroics as such (even though He possessed that power) it was a walk or profession that led to a brutal cross where every bit of human pain was experienced to the maximum.

But more than that it was a payment in blood that the Israelites where particularly aware of throughout their history as a nation. In the shedding of blood comes the forgiveness of sins or the passing over of judgement. This was not a theoretical lesson but one very real and pertinent and practical to everyday life and the need to be cleansed from our filth and muck.

Our inner self is in need of this cleansing even more that our outward appearance and only Jesus has what it takes to make us clean and pure. In Him there is a washing that is whiter than snow, even whiter than the whitest of snow. Ps 51:1-19.We may not get the Old Testament  ceremony but we get the idea of a bath and becoming clean and we get the idea of payment being completed or a declaration from a judge regarding innocence and that is what the cross signifies for all that look to Jesus for the forgiveness of all their sin.

There is no sleight of hand at the cross, they were pinned down with ancient nails hammered securely in place so that the Son of God may be lifted up for the entire world to see. There was no running or hiding or bluffing by Jesus.Col 1:15-23.


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