Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Blood brother & Warrior servant

It was hard at first to realise the injustice of it all, and for Jesus to simply and solemnly stand silent on the issue seemed to make it all the worse (what was he thinking!). Pilate understood the farcical nature of the ‘crime’ but the religious leaders with some stirred up influence got their way (or so it would seem).Mark 15:1-32.

Like so many things in this world there is more going on than meets the eye and it’s only with a bit of insight or hindsight that we can begin to get a better grasp on things. One of the reasons for Jesus silence demonstrates His willingness to be led to the slaughter like an unblemished lamb being offered up to bear witness to atonement for sin (Praise the Lord).Isa 53:7-9.

It is not in hippy vans, beautiful music or a quiet landscape, a long weekend or yoga or stuff smoked through a pipe or piles of cash where we should find ultimate peace and harmony of body and soul. True peace comes from God. Isa 53:4-5. There is a satisfaction in Christ on the cross, a price that was payed in blood and in full. There was more going on than what appeared to be a madhouse full of corruption, deceit and injustice where only the mighty and powerful get their way. The King of the Jews was marching on to death to crush sin beyond recognition.1 Cor 15:55.


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