Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Petition and proclamation

The words “God gives and God takes away” were hidden deep in the heart of Job. He had pretty much lost everything he owned as well as the lives of his dearly loved children (7 sons & 3 daughters) and his servants. The book of Job is one of the best country & eastern songs/poetry of all time, Job’s sufferings served a higher purpose or meaning beyond the shallow surface of deep painful human suffering. And there was more to come in the land that was Uz.

Autonomy says it’s OK, we have got this, or we can bounce back, yes we can, and stuff like that. Admirable in a way but faith always turns to God and prayer. In grief, pain and loss prayer is not some weak sense of hopelessness & inaction like a government with tied hands that often seems to deliver more for itself than its citizens. Prayer is more powerful & precious than that. because of the God who sees, hears and acts daily.

Job's Blue Period.

I got the original image off the net (couldn't find a source)
Then reconfigured the composition size & added a blue tint for emphasis.


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