Friday, 2 February 2018

Peaking Duck (as in to the maximum) & playing on words

Stuff me! Well the truth is when you come face to face with academia words get technical don’t they. Welcome to the world of specialisation & big, big, tricky, tricky words and your mind & memory end up like a bulging stuffed chook(chicken) seasoned with new meanings and definitions. Then the experts have the nerve/hide to say keep it simple & easily presentable!

There was a while there when I thought life as you got older was like sitting in a rocking chair not a pilot’s cockpit. Such is learning new & old things…A bit like becoming a Michelin chef.

Old fashioned black/chalk board

Magnetised white board (& projector)

While learning can be fun it is also hard work that requires commitment and dedication. New information doesn't come that easy unless you treat it like watching a TV show or listening to a song on auto pilot which doesn't really require too much engagement and is a bit like driving in neutral which doesn't help when you come to a hill.

Of course books are not that bad and really are an extension of our mind & thoughts and hoops to jump through and absorb what they convey, so that we may get a grip of what is being conveyed. Its how we roll.


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