Sunday, 18 February 2018

Life saving river in the desert

The Bible is clear, humanity is broken & our inherited suffering can be traced back & matched to just outside the beautiful place of Eden where we once were found but now are a lost and losing world. And not far from there the first murder scene is recorded. Abel is attacked and killed by his brother. Life as we know it is like that now. Gen 4:1-26. Cain & Abel inherited their parent’s ugly sin.

For all the legislation, for all the education, for all the technology & money invested, the human heart remains separated from the Love of God that is able to powerfully speak and act with transforming power. We would like to think that we are civilised, but from the lowest in society to the esteemed government or corporation, it is not that hard to spot the crookedness and shame that so many would deny. We are suspended & submerged in sin within & without.

The Bible is clear. It is only in Jesus Christ of Nazareth that we would find true healing and restoration of mind, body and soul. God has spoken but do we really want to hear. Rom 3:9-20. We are all sick, some seem sicker than others but it is the same sickness of sin. You may not believe in sin but you cannot deny its hold on this torn, broken and painful world in need of healing.

The blood of Jesus, the laying down of His life for ours brings peace with God. An immeasurable sacrifice & cost that speaks to our present understanding and beyond. Merciful God that doesnt not turn a blind eye to injustice.


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