Friday, 23 February 2018

Crushed and expired

We have had a few visits from snakes over the years but thankfully they moved on pretty quickly. Photography wise, it’s cool to come across the more revered creatures as long as I have a safe working distance and a zoom lens is great for that.

This week I came across a highly venomous Brown snake & a Goanna but the poor things were roadkill/car kill. The snake was alive but had suffered damage so it was very limited movement wise. When I picked it up by the tail (with extreme caution & multiple testing) I could still feel its muscles in a type of spasm and as I dragged it gently backwards its spine seemed to click here and there and it was then that it died. I then proceeded to set it up for a few photos still very carefully & mostly with a stick.

The Goanna was further down the road and just to the side & therefore not squashed, it was stiff with a good weight & its skin coarse/rough with claws that were very sharp. I had my zoom on so I couldn’t fit the whole creature into one shot. I will archive the images away & use them for artistic or educational reference.


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