Saturday, 6 January 2018

Establishment based science

Far from factual and clear cut, the science that is promoted today about millions and billions of years (deep time) is far from real observed science but rather a compilation of ideas dressed up in scientific terms.

Often scientific observations ( that challenge the mainstream ideas dressed up as observable solid facts is never given the light of day. Such is the bias that often exists. Science is not black and white even as it is often portrayed to be. Scientific license is as common as artistic license.

‘Science … is not so much concerned with truth as it is with consensus. What counts as ‘truth’ is what scientists can agree to count as truth at any particular moment in time … [Scientists] are not really receptive or not really open-minded to any sorts of criticisms or any sorts of claims that actually are attacking some of the established parts of the research (traditional) paradigm — in this case neo-Darwinism — so it is very difficult for people who are pushing claims that contradict the paradigm to get a hearing. They’ll find it difficult to [get] research grants; they’ll find it hard to get their research published; they’ll, in fact, find it very hard.’
Professor Evelleen Richards, Science Historian, University of NSW, Australia, Lateline, 9 October 1998, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.


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