Thursday, 14 December 2017

Whom or what do you serve.

In the Christ child lays a deep mystery that shall be revealed over a relatively young life span across the pages of Scripture. For in Him is deliverance and promise of universal and eternal proportion including dominions unknown to the current laws of limited nature. The modern world tends to favour impersonal algorithms and mathematical data along with the unobservable and miraculous in astronomy and biology as we become clothed in machines, robotics, electronics and circular secular knowledge. But this all springs from our unique humanity that sets us apart and which beforehand sprung from God in the first place.

To those that claim that God does not care or God does not act or God is dead ought to be reminded that it is really humanity that does not care or is not really interested in God despite the created order that beholds a witness to the creator and dismisses the Christ as a mere human that does not amount to whom He said he was.

In essence it is not God that is dead but the heart of humanity which would rather settle for the consumption of possession’s and measures of human greatness over and above the God who made all things and came to us in humility and truth to us who are blinded by our unjustified and foolish pride. The bah humbug snub to God as if he doesn’t really matter or we shouldn’t really be that joyful over something amazing as Christmas seems to me an amazing gesture of unbelief or an identity crisis where we are coerced to hide our true selves away as if we were an island of lepers filled with shame or guilt or misery.Luke 1:46-80. Scripture tells us Mary or Zechariah wouldn’t choose that path. In all the diversity and  idealised equality that existed in more ancient times also,God still calls His people to come out and be separate. Just as God separated the seas from the sky and land and created various creatures for various functions we are to serve God and love Him as He loves us with all our hearts and lives and only in His boldness and grace can we be a transformed and renewed people to declare His praise.


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