Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Pure love, pure light, pure life.

If you take note of the media you probably have noticed the ‘powerful men’ thing in relation to sexual advances and favours where pressure is placed upon women to give into the advancement or suggestion.

Biblically speaking one of the first incidents that come to mind is David & Bathsheba and Scripture is not without its rape and seduction stories either which speaks of our fallen and sinful nature as we seek gratification and pleasure or power in places that we should not go as we reap what we sow. “These are the days of our lives where the bold and the beautiful are young and restless and bored.”(Compilation of American cultural icons) Naturally we want to glory in anything other than God and His ways unless it gives us advantage.

This is again the message of Christmas. God has come into our mess, our darkness, our shame that we shall be set free from bondage and decay and called to holy living. Eph 5:1-5. Not the secular or worldly holy of trial by media or gossip and selective morality and memory but an almighty holy, holy, holy where it is God whom measures the depths of the human heart  against the purity of His eternal & discerning Spirit. Isaiah 6:3. And this again is the message of Christmas. An almighty all powerful God mighty to save lays aside His Glory, abhors not the virgin’s womb and comes to us for our sakes for we are not able to save ourselves from the sting with it's misery of sin and death. 

There are  powerful angels and a powerful God who does what is just and good. And He is at work in this sad world of worry and woe so much in need of healing. Thine be the power and the glory, for ever and ever amen.


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