Sunday, 3 December 2017

Majestic Array

“Christ, by highest heaven adored - Christ, the everlasting Lord
Late in time behold him come - Offspring of the Virgin's womb

Late in time…not the late that has been brought about by unforeseen circumstances but late as in observation over a span of time and a figure of speech. And neither was the Christ child early but exactly on time (something the Japanese and a NASA like culture would see as a most honourable thing).

Like the precisely timed music interlaced with instruments and song the angels declare praise to God and witness to the shepherds who in turn visit the Christ child, the Messiah and long expected Jesus wrapped in cloths and layed in a manger. Isaiah 11:1-11.

The Creator God lays His Glory down and humbly takes on the veil of human flesh.Such is His love.


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