Friday, 22 December 2017

In an often changing world we still remain the same

We may marvel at a supercomputer and we see how robots and artificial intelligence are being steered to become more human but the idea that an all knowing, all wise God seems an offence to many, even if He comes to us in human form. 

As a society we prefer the make believe of non living matter quickening to life by some naturalistic miracle and a super stretched logical possibility so highly improbable. Such is the underlying bias as we compete for God like status.

That God should humble himself unto death and make payment so we may live in a loving and true relationship with Him now and forever is better than the best medicine money can buy. God provides a healing and restoration that speaks to our eternal soul and living/dying bodies so bruised by the fall of our own inherited doing.

Our machines are an extension of the intelligence that comes from God as we express it with improved but just as limited knowledge and the next best thing. Jesus is an extension of God's being that brings peace and love in measures beyond this world and into the next.

God speaks to the heart of the matter and the solution is only to be found in Christ. All other ground is sinking sand. As much as we may try we cannot save ourselves and rejecting God's solution will only increase our woe further.John 3:16-21.


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