Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Heaven's door came down

Vincent Willem van Gogh & the Christmas tree

The borrowed visual image is big in the 21st Century. Semi plagiarised, semi photo shopped & re-contextualised images that bear out our reality. A mind meld, a cryptic nod of similarity and difference to the past. The poor ‘man's’ modern art that is often an expression of humour…we like to have a laugh.

OT Israel was often reminded to look back at its iconic history. Places and people in time that had memorial and historical significance for the present. But it wasn’t for a laugh but a time of serious reflection, thanksgiving and deep joy for what God had done to redeem them from the oppressor in the house of slavery.

And it is the same today for the church/people who belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. With even more significance than a world war the Christ child came to bring peace to a world in rebellion and therefore at war with God. This peace that came at great cost is for all the nations and also the promise of a renewed created order. Nothing compares to it, nothing at all, here on earth or beyond into the vast array of blackened space and shining swirling stars of great proportion and scale that also must submit to the wisdom and order of the Mighty God who holds all things in His hands (so to speak). Isaiah 9:2-7.


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