Saturday, 30 December 2017

Firework and work of fire

Scripture indicates clearly that the earth was made by design for a purpose and that there was nothing accidental or freakish about it. Furthermore, like a house, the lighting came after the main structure of earth was made. Genesis.1:14-15.

Days, months and years harmoniously sit well at the table with our bodies, our food supply and our need for rest and the distant but near animal kingdom. Far from the idea of half ape- half human like ancestors, humanity began as intelligent beings with a culture that differs from the animal world and the non- living but oh so powerful sun and moon.

What about God though, does He sit well with you at the table? Is He a companion, a friend and freely mentioned in your home or perhaps an enemy or an alien or someone or something you put up with a bit…

Scripture like the heavens proclaims wisdom that all comes together in Christ, a glorious  unifying factor of purpose and redemption and a genuine fellowship that is up close and personal and reaches to the heavens and beyond time and space and into eternity.Col 1:15-23.

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