Thursday, 21 December 2017

A stage, a backdrop and changing scenes

Going beyond the actual revelation and into the supposed narratives is something humanity is prone to do and we see this same pattern with supposed missing links that don’t match up to what is required to become transitional fossils. In essence, leaps of faith abound in what is claimed to be a field about facts.

Thank the Lord for historical documents and copied manuscripts that reveal to us what various disciplines and studies cannot do as good as those things can be. There is a good faith inspired reason to build our lives upon the rock instead of shifting sands and it’s not so much about a roof over our heads but a life and a living relationship with the living God of time and space.

Side tracking God and being enveloped in what He has made for intellectual purposes with a few practical spin offs is a bridge too far from what I can tell. Fill the earth and subdue it in a post fall world that requires the great commission and godly living seems to be where it is at for me.

But of course nations will compete with nations for glory and power as they follow a phenomena. Matt 24:1-8.


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