Wednesday, 29 November 2017

One God & many diversions

There are many diverse ideas when it comes to the person of Jesus Christ. Just a man, just a prophet, just a great teacher, just a loser that ended up on the wrong side of the law and got himself hung on a cross for His troubles. But in the eyes and mind of Peter, Jesus is His Lord and His God and the Messiah. Matt 16:6. And John says the Word was before all things and the Word was with God and is God. John 1:1-3.

Deep in their soul the disciples had come to know Jesus for whom he truly was and is, in a kind of scientific way through observation and in a Theistic way through revelation and spirit changing renewal of the heart and head. That God should reveal himself to humanity in such humble circumstances is amazing as God takes on human flesh and human function.

In God we learn and grow to recognise what is good for the body and the soul. He made us & He therefore ought to know. In the mess that has been made through disobedience God has come to rescue and redeem. What humanity cannot undo God can, far beyond our limited understanding and efforts, beyond the fa├žade of glitz and glamour, beyond the meddled world of politics and seductive and suggestive advertising. Through the false teachings and past the crowd of false prophets God steps into our poverty and our culture of deadness so that we may taste and have life in its richest form which is communion with Him the lover and carer of my soul.

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