Friday, 24 November 2017

God is not dead

It’s hard to keep up with the Jones’s and the competing Zeitgeists of this century and it’s also pretty easy to get sucked into its seemingly self- righteous path of intellect and reason. But where is it going anyway and old faithful still delivers on an hourly and daily basis and such is our God who has spoken in Christ.

The world rushes on unaware or unwilling to recognise its own blind spots, its elephants in the room that it deems unimportant as it chases after the wind like the Titanic cut across the Atlantic. And what a sight she must have been with all that fire in her belly. And like a ghost she now sits on the deep ocean floor.

Be still and know that I am God sings the psalmist. Psalm 46:10. It is God who is our healer and it is God who is our guide. While the futurists preach and beckon their futurisms of the 21st century may God still be our guide. He is a fortress, a mighty fortress that is not dependant on political might, technological improvisation and power or displays of strength.

He alone can save outdated as he may seem.The cross still remains the solution to all our woes whether we were there or not and the empty tomb speaks of a future and hope beyond this world ensnared by death, dreams and misery.


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