Thursday, 16 November 2017

Ahoy and the Alpha & Omega

The flowing form of the purpose shaped hull provides a unique function for troubled waters and calm seas. To not maintain ‘her’ would be a sign of neglect but in a project context it is being restored (What stories she could tell if she had a voice).

It looks to be a working vessel from another era and I came across it last Sunday morning on my way home from church. There was nobody around but it seemed appropriate enough to get a few photos. As it turned out a man heading out from a nearby driveway gave me his approval. There is a lot of design, knowledge and craft that goes into a boat like this, money and time also.

It was James and John that walked away from boats such as these in their own era. Having left their father Zebedee and the fishing business, they followed Jesus the carpenter's son when He called them beside the Sea of Galilee. Matt 4:18-22.


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