Thursday, 31 August 2017

Chain reactions

When earthly laws go against natural laws you have a classic divided kingdom. Even the animal world surpasses the human world in this regard because of sin & we are informed of it so we may know our shame. Rom 1:18-32.

From this I can know that humanity is fallen & the order of things is in need of repair or restoration. I am not evolving, I am breaking up & dying. No matter how much we go forth & multiply the direction is loss & not gain. My breaking mind & breaking body, my world & the physics & DNA are all consistent with the Biblical model.

It is into this mess that God steps. Although above us in every way He takes on human flesh in a brilliant display of humility. God gave up his power & layed it aside to become equals with us, it was not an easy thing to do just because Jesus was & is God.Matt 4:1-11.


Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Me & You & Pink & Blue

Yes some things make us blue.

If my mother had given me a haircut like Pink's daughter at age 5 with a very noticeable fringe I would have been freaking out big time.Nothing like a bad haircut to bring on despair & devastation & the end of the world.


Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Lost in space

Following on from yesterdays post with a further developed graphic. Even in a post fall world & creation we witness the majesty, wisdom & beauty of God in natural forms that reflect His being & power in someways.

It seems as if the moment you mention goodness in Creation, Atheists will try & point you to the sin & suffering (created by disobedience) as if a good God would allow such a thing (forgetting the fore warnings of God)

And even when God comes to us in our suffering, pain & death that's still not good enough, they want a different kind of salvation, one that glorifies man & mind & experience. Wandering far & choosing eternal death rather than the life giving Spirit of God.2 Pet 3:13-16.



Monday, 28 August 2017

Form & Function & Fallenness



Joe loved Jesus.

I attended a funeral service yesterday as a family friend & a brother in Jesus.  Funeral services are also known as celebration or thanksgiving services.There was much thanksgiving & celebration for the life of Joe, many wonderful memories to share.

The minister proclaimed that a house of mourning is actually better than a house of laughter. Not that there is anything wrong with laughing. The minister took us deeper into the text, the meat that we could mentally chew on you might say. It’s hard to eat when you’re laughing.

For all the laughter that we may hear, life & death are serious things & sober judgement & moments are more precious than silver or gold. Eccl 7:2-6. Eccl 12:6-7.

We declare our earthly life with a beginning & and end as if on stage, curtain opens, curtain closes. In the midst of Eternity we are but a breath in earthly terms yet Scripture reminds us of so much more.

A video hymn from the service: My Jesus I Love Thee.
Text: William R Featherstone,1842-1878
Tune:Adoniram J Gordon. 1836-1895.


Sunday, 27 August 2017

Freedom & masonary

Do you know the parable of the Good Samaritan? Luke 10:25-37. It is one of those instances where you would think that those trained in God’s law would not just know but also do their best to reflect a neighbourly love consistent with a compassionate & kind God.

The man that lay half dead & fully robbed is left in his dire strait as a priest & a Levite pass by. Self-interest is in many respects cowardice & a very evil thing indeed. We tend to do it often, each in our own way. We put up our gates & walls & hem ourselves in in deprivation & think that we are free. And in a world such as this who could blame us we may say to ourselves or one another, but not the Samaritan man.

In the book of Micah we read that it’s not just about acts of mercy & compassion but also acts of justice that requires godly dealings. Corruption & deceitful practices had wormed their way into church & society. Little by little godliness was winding down like the second law of thermodynamics. Sure enough the outward stuff was still going strong but that didn’t fool God, it never does. Micah 3:11-12.Time & again God will & does confront sin & He doesn’t show favouritism & neither should we, no matter who we are.


Saturday, 26 August 2017

When churches go mental

A young minister was talking to me about reputations the other day. I don’t think he had fully investigated the reputation he had been talking about. If he had he may have come to a different conclusion, deductively speaking.Prov 18:17.

The church can be often associated with the building but it is really about the people inside the building. To take it even further you can be a person inside the building & be treated like an outsider or an insider. Churches are tricky like that.

Jesus Christ has a lot to say about what should go on inside a church. The churches in the book of Revelation had built certain reputations. Jesus praised some churches & warned others. We can learn about Jesus being patient & gentle with people not intimidating & demanding.

There is a thing called discipline in churches, some churches have a reputation for turning a blind eye to some things as well as being frustrated, impatient & also harsh bringing great hurt to individuals, families & God. Jesus is not happy at all about those kind of churches says the Holy Bible.

But Jesus is glad when churches turn from sin & failing. Some churches actually apologise to God & one another which brings about peace, love & respect in the Spirit. God says it is a good thing to confess our sins.1 John 1:5-9.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Australia Day


The inner ear

2 Kings 6:8-23.

Many would scoff & laugh & perhaps giggle at the idea that God could relay in satellite fashion or pass on information as if He had listening devices. But Elisha would not, or Elijah for that matter.

The King of Aram (an early uniformitarian ?) thought he could deal with people like he had done before. Presumption is not such a great tactic or method.


Thursday, 24 August 2017

Book Week

Lots of people young & older have been celebrating book week. My wife works in a library & she had photocopied some pages from books & cut them into strips & placed them in a clear bottle as a puzzle to see if the book titles could be recognised by the students & teachers alike.

I heard on the radio last night coming home that it is also the Gutenberg Presses 'birthday' or something along those lines.

Books...& the making of books.


Surprise party

You don’t need a degree in Theology to work out that if a church leadership misuses Matt 18:15-20, they bring dishonor to the Name of God & the Lord Jesus Christ. And if a minister/pastor assumes he can call others to repentance but he himself is above that, then that would be a most tricky gospel indeed & I would love to know the hidden Theology behind it & how in real terms that creates resolution.

If you have done something wrong & you are not aware of the concern & the next thing you are invited to have a chat & catch up only to discover it is an official meeting then be on your guard & pray that God will give you words in your defence, particularly if they have already made up their mind.I could easily understand the frustration in a situation like that, even a fearfulness.

Prov 18:17. tells us that there are two sides to every story & you also have a right to be heard & question things that don’t add up. Even if they don’t readily explain it or teach it, it is the case. As much as God enables leadership for the good of His church it can be & is abused.


Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Do you follow, dissect or reject Jesus.

"In any case, the reasoning displayed by such evangelicals urging a ‘rethink’ on gay marriage is unchristian—by definition. If to be a Christian means to follow Christ, then part of this would be thinking the same way that Jesus thought. If someone says, “Jesus believed X, but I believe not-X”, then it is not a slur to call this unchristian—it is simply descriptive. But if we’re going to make scientific acceptance the basis for whether we accept what the Bible says or not, the logical end would be deism at best and outright atheism at worst." Jonathan Sarfati.

Be not surprised when professing Christians opt for unchristian worldviews, it is an old tradition that goes back thousands & thousands of years.


Extra Extra

Not a day seems to go by without a Trump story(as in Donald) & that’s in Australia. Trump this, Trump that. Mind you, Australia has been labelled the 51st , 52nd or 53rd state of the US at times (somewhere around there). That is when it’s not being argued by those in favour of a Republic that we need to detach from the monarchist mindset of Great Britain which is struggling with its own situation. 

And then there are those that want Australia to be more like Norway, Sweden, Utopia or something like that. And isn’t Shari law just around the corner as Australian government & business seeks cheaper production & labour costs overseas. And meanwhile the indigenous look on in disbelief as do we all at times. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? None really, each in their own way needs redemption & renewal says  the inspired Scripture.In us much as many would want us to focus on the alleged unrighteous Trump, we all are to some degree, one way or another, just as news worthy & just as guilty for our  own failings.That's the difference between trial & justification by media in the name of freedom of the press that promotes its own naivety, the presumption of innocence & a Holy & Ever present God.

Printed pages for everyday & all circumstances. Some people cant handle the news & some people cant handle the truth either. Mirror, mirror on the wall, selfie, selfy in the hand, who's the fairest of the lands in this skin deep world of image, influence & subterfuge.


Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Globally warming to transgenderism

In many respects children & adults are the losers in divorce & in many respects children & adults are the losers in the modern fiasco of the alleged safe schools ‘program’. In the name of education & gender fluidity the 'feelings world' is thrust upon the young mind & heart as the state becomes a tool to undermine the family unit of ages past.

There seems to be no outrage in the media as very young children are subjected to the idea of masturbation, oral sex & anal sex(sex is sex?). But enter your child in a beauty pageant (some adults do that too) & listen to the moral outrage. Will the children hear the other side of the story? How much of this is clearly a distortion of function in the name of pleasure & rejected by many?

All of this is tied up in the SS/Transgender marriage debate whether we choose to admit it or not. Everything is connected & vulnerable children are experiencing a grooming of sorts.


Monday, 21 August 2017

Landline Coastline

While the wild wind & charging surf has been hammering the coast of late, the rolling hills have been pretty laid back here near home. The grass has been growing, the birds singing & the cows have been standing & sitting. As far as I know, none jumped over the moon but a dog had a bark & a growl at my car & there was a dish & a spoon on the sink in need of a wash.


In the loop & on the cusp of the past

The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the works of his hands. Psalm 19:1. Creation can be like sign language, silent yet conveying intelligent communique…not chaos or chance but order, wisdom & design on a scale that is sublime. Psalm 19:1-6.

Everything in Creation is inter connected because of God who is the maker of heaven & earth. To try & divorce the supernatural from the natural as modern science has done has resulted in all kinds of fantasy stories told through the frames of evolution & atheism.

Without God's law for human life another model must be chosen & enforced by the state, as if to say, its OK, we don't need God we know best and the truth is we don't. State steps out in faith & trust & law making guided by atheistic fantasy & evolutionary dogma.

The state becomes the new church, the media the priests, the schools the teachers & nature is worshipped & adored instead of the Maker & the missing link to our peace & understanding. Its not progress but denial & disintegration as society ops to segregate in the name the new & improved.

But do you really think this kind of thing hasn't happened before? History says otherwise, time & again.

Eccl 1:9 What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.


Sunday, 20 August 2017

Package deals


On the one hand people seem to be so concerned about the degradation in nature, environments, ecology etc. Yet when it comes to the human body & biological law & traditional marriage with all its beauty & wonder, people are willing to undermine it, over mine it & take it to the brink.

One cannot simply pretend that marriage has nothing to do with the bedroom or children as you shift into extremes & pretend that they are normal. Neither can you convincingly argue that it’s all about the feelings of gay youth as if sympathy is what matters the most.

A further irony is that this revolution of rights is slowly undermining rights & freedoms in this emboldened social experiment of rainbow ideology that takes on the stars & stripes of many flags for the Great American Gatsby dream as it Freudian Slips & trickles down into the roaring twenties of the 21st Century for rich & poor alike.

Don't go chasing waterfalls. Stick to the rivers & lakes your used to.
                                                                                                        (author unknown)


Saturday, 19 August 2017

When I survey the wondrous cross

I don’t believe the earth is totally flat but partially flat in places as the evidence suggests, probably the moon too, but not as much. And the sun is a great ball of fire & light. To marvel at ‘law’ in nature created by God is an awesome thing to behold & God is greater still. Yet He stoops down to us in sincerity & simplicity that we might know Him for who He truly is. John 1:1-18.

There are other laws at work in this world, drivers that are inclined towards darkness & embrace chaos. To think that that is what we have become is almost unthinkable but when we compare ourselves to God’s law it is easily seen to be so. A total eclipse of the heart, a darkness that reigns in human flesh long before & long after the solar system has done its little thing in the grander scheme of things


Food for the Soul

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion,” Barack Obama

It is an interesting & partial proclamation. If only Obama could have explained how he had come to that conclusion. Sure enough, babies do look cute & cuddly & they are but how are we to know what lies beneath deep in the heart. If I was going to agree with a leader from the past it would be King David & his prophetic utterance & not Obama on this one. Psalm 51:5-6.

And I get the impression Obama is not such a fan of babes in the womb either. Those wonderful bundles of life that have been decimated, chopped up & dumped into buckets or sold in the market place.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Discerning colours & patterns

When God declares something is detestable it is a warning for our good, much like warning/safety colours in the natural world that have been interpreted to say stay away. The same colours we generally use with symbolic meaning to create awareness & to be on the alert. Rom 1:18-32

Many would like to get God in the dock & have Him charged as a kill joy. Mistaking God’s parental love & care for some supposed oppressive misery, just like the suppression of truth being mistaken for freedom (Is that you google, with your manipulated algorithms, or anyone else for that matter?).

Deceptions in nature abound & many have fallen victim to them. Make no mistake says Scripture, going against God, who can be gentle or fierce equally, equates to consequences, outcomes & stings in the tail that downwardly spiral into a dark abyss where real joy is but a distant memory. Rev 18:4-8. Life & death are very serious things indeed.


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Survival of the Statues/Icons & Asherah Poles

White supremacy has many faces. Could it ever be that Charles Darwin could be considered in aiding & abetting the white supremacy movement? In many respects it would be a yes.

In many ways people try & draw a connect & join a dot between race & sexuality. As if it is the same kind of oppression or lack of freedom. But God’s Word includes all nations & one human race descended from Adam & Eve. Not alleged lesser evolved species. But sexual practices have boundaries & limits for our good.


There are no rainbows@night

On the one hand traditional marriage is being down played due to its failings but it is not traditional marriage that has failed any more than God has failed just because life & relationship has been abused & cheapened.To then turn around & assume that two people professing love to each other no matter their gender is going to be a stable thing & bedrock for society is a powerful & bizarre romantic dream.

But that’s what happens when you rationalise things. That society assumes it can confidently go it alone & transgress God’s wisdom with transgenderism or same sex marriage in the name of love & compassion at the expense of truth & wisdom is nothing more than a rebellion & rejection of the original model of Father, Mother, Children, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Great Grandparents  etc.

When religious freedoms will be attacked & people of faith be silenced or their employment hampered & children indoctrinated by love is love, how any believer can reason that God or His people would approve of such a thing for society is beyond God’s Word from what I can see.

That the individual on mass should become God or King or Queen of society & demand that their needs be pandered to at the expense of what God has already given will not bring about the restoration & peace & love that we long for. That can only be found in one place alone.John 8:12. God is God & God is love & light & life.


Monday, 14 August 2017

Toad Man

I enjoy walking about with a camera looking for some live action, especially when it comes to God's wonderful creation (cursed as it is).The other day I had an hour to spare at a place called Swansea (Australia has so many place names that copy Great Britain).

So I made two short clips with Toad fish being the main attraction. The clear water quality was impressive in contrast to the often murky river water near home.

Toads eating dead fish



The high & low road

The priest & the Levite both took a wide berth when it came to the badly beaten & robbed traveller on the road between Jerusalem & Jericho. Luke 10:25-37.Jesus tells the parable to challenge our often miserable ideas of what we believe loving God & loving our neighbour as ourselves equates to & it is a lesson for church leadership, congregations & also the world that has lost its way.

It is easy to hide behind self-justification, it’s easy to just keep walking when you know you should have stopped & done the right thing, but maybe we think our selves or our roles or even our skin, hair, style or accomplishments to be more superior to others. 

In the end a Samaritan shows the way when it comes to words & actions, in many respects, the least of the least or a child, a mere infant among adults.Humility is not so valued today either. There is a lot of proud boasting, flaunting & cold hearted behaviour. Very little has changed in real terms & even technology can easily be considered a tool for evil as much as good. 

So maybe you are an expert at something, maybe even famous, maybe even 'special' but maybe you need to consider other things too.


Friday, 11 August 2017

Hyper Sexuality

Well of course if you have legitimate concerns regarding Same Sex Marriage we can call you homophobe because we believe in tolerance, diversity, diversion & the feelings of others (except you & your ilk).

Never mind that the born that way science has been refuted & never mind that various freedoms will be undermined & polyamory is also standing at the door. 

Just jump on the bandwagon & open the floodgates of populist copy cat ism. Believe in the rainbow & everything will be alright, sort of, kinda, yeh-nah, not really. 


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

God's Word, good for all occassions

Prov 6:24.It’s not just the sweet talk of a wayward woman (not a prostitute in this case) that can devour & consume but even priests/ministers. Like Eli’s sons that looked after themselves rather than the people of God all the while performing religious ceremony.1 Sam 2:12-26.

A church that confesses to proclaim the truth but only seems to feather its own nest by the expense of the people is worthy of scrutiny as far as Scripture goes. 

Sin is diverse, deception is diverse, but God see’s through it all.Maybe you think He is just sitting there but He isn't. God is fully engaged.

Just stuff

Some things like to remain hidden
Some things remain to be seen